2023 Call of Duty World Series of Warzone Announcement: All Information

The largest Call of Duty: Warzone 2 competition of 2023 is the World Series of Warzone. Activision Blizzard Esports will make its competition debut. Three-person teams compete to win the WSOW title and their share of the substantial prize fund.

The World Series of Warzone, which will include competitions exclusively for North America, Europe, and a few new competitive regions, will include some of the biggest stars in the Warzone esports sector. Viewers may expect to see special appearances from COD partners and perhaps CDL professional players throughout this massive Warzone tournament.

World Series Of Warzone 2023 Official Announcement

The official World Series of Warzone page started posting teasers for the next competition as a timer on April 6, 2023, at 7:00 p.m. The Warzone 2023 World Series is described as follows in the tournament’s official description. The world’s best Trio will be honored at the live Global Final in September using the $1 million prize money awarded for this year’s international competition. Expect a few more areas this year.

The World Series of Warzone, or WSOW for short, is anticipated to follow a system similar to earlier iterations, with teams earning points for each kill and their performance in each specific match. It’s also predicted that the World Series’ Solo YOLO tournament, in which Fifakill and BBlade were chosen as the NA and EU winners of last year, will take place.

The first-ever WSOW was won in 2021 by Aydan, Rated, and HusKerrs, who each received a whopping $50,000 from the $300,000 prize fund. Activision Blizzard May Face Labor Board Action Over Union’s Allegations

The WSOW 2022 announced Waartex, BBlade, and Savyultras90 as the champions of the WSOW EU Finals. Skullface, Hisoka, and Mayappo were the WSOW NA Finals champions. Players anticipate that the WSOW 2023 will differ drastically from its predecessors.

This is because it takes place in Warzone 2, which has the magnificent Ashika Island Resurgence map and the huge Al Mazrah desert map.

The enormous selection of contemporary and tactical weaponry from Modern Warfare 2 will also be available. Furthermore, WSOW 2023 made mention of additional regions joining the tournament to fight for the $1 million prize fund. The world’s best Trios team will be decided at the WSOW 2023 Global Final in September of 2023.

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Puzzled by the water warfare mechanics in Warzone 2

Hellarios852 highlighted how the water mechanics may be utilized to call in killstreaks and escape opponent players’ slight line in a post on the CODWarzone Reddit on April 9.

“Ground-to-water fighting is dreadful…,” reads the heading of the blog article. How do I not receive at least a single hit marker?” shows a video showing a Redditor firing an assault weapon at a player who is swimming but missing every shot, per the game. Fighting in the sea should be a last choice because it has significant disadvantages, a second user noted.

Members of the community have brought up the fact that divers become very difficult to follow even if they have excellent visibility underwater, giving the diver lots of opportunities to catch the other player off guard when they surface.

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