3 Reasons Why Rinku Singh Is The New Dependable Finisher

Rinku Singh FinisherRinku Singh Finisher

In the fast-paced world of T20 cricket, the role of a dependable finisher is paramount, and in the recent clash against Afghanistan, Rinku Singh showcased why he is quickly becoming the new reliable finisher that India has been seeking. 

Rinku Singh and Rohit Sharma equalled the record for the most runs scored off a single over, marking a spectacular display of Rinku’s prowess as a game-changing closer.

In the 20th over against Karim Janat, he hit three straight sixes to help India reach the 200+ target.

Check three key reasons why Rinku Singh is the best-emerging finisher for the Indian cricket team.

1. Mastering Pressure Situations

The true mark of a dependable finisher is the ability to thrive under immense pressure, and Rinku Singh has displayed an exceptional composure akin to the legendary MS Dhoni. 

In the recent T20I against Afghanistan, where India found themselves at a precarious 22/4, Rinku Singh, alongside Rohit Sharma, orchestrated a remarkable turnaround. Singh’s calm and collected demeanor, especially in crunch situations, has become a defining trait.

This mental fortitude was vividly evident in 2022 when he played a pivotal knock of 42 runs off 22 balls against Sri Lanka, aiding India in successfully chasing down a challenging target of 187. 

Whether it’s navigating through a tense final over or chasing down a steep target, Rinku Singh’s ability to remain cool under pressure is a testament to his burgeoning reputation as a reliable finisher.

2. The Finisher India Was Searching For

Rinku Singh, with his explosive batting and adaptability, fits this bill perfectly. 

His prowess in clearing the ropes effortlessly and the versatility to adapt to different match situations positions him as a genuine game-changer.

Rinku’s unorthodox batting style adds to his finisher credentials. He can play the anchor role when needed, building partnerships and rotating the strike. 

However, what sets him apart is his seamless ability to switch gears instantly and unleash power-hitting fireworks. 

This adaptability makes him a valuable asset in the T20 format, filling the void that India has keenly felt since the departure of Captain Cool.

3. Left-Handed Six-Hitter

In the predominantly right-handed landscape of Indian cricket, Rinku Singh brings a unique and valuable dimension with his left-handed prowess. 

The southpaw stance not only adds an element of surprise but also makes it challenging for right-arm bowlers to adjust their line and length effectively. 

Rinku’s unorthodox stroke-play disrupts the rhythm of even the most seasoned bowlers, compelling them to alter their plans on the fly.

The left-handed stance is not just a stylistic quirk but a potent weapon. Right-arm bowlers find it difficult to adapt to this unique angle, creating scoring opportunities for Rinku. 

This unpredictability allows him the space to unleash his six-hitting power, offering India a crucial advantage in the pressure-laden death overs. 

The element of surprise that Rinku brings as a left-hander can be a significant asset for India, forcing opposing teams to strategize differently and potentially disrupting their bowling plans for right-handed Indian batting lineup.

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