8 animals that live more than 100 years

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Deep-sea animals exhibit remarkably extended lifespans, a phenomenon that has intrigued scientists and nature enthusiasts alike. The longevity of these creatures is attributed to their slow metabolism, which is closely linked to the cold, stable conditions of their deep-sea habitats. For instance, the Greenland Shark and the Ocean Quahog are known to live for centuries, with the latter reaching over 500 years of age. These animals are often found in the frigid waters of the Arctic, where the environment’s consistency contributes to their slow metabolic rates and, consequently, their prolonged lifespans. Additionally, many deep-sea species are sessile, meaning they are immobile and attached to the ocean floor, which further reduces their metabolic demands and protects them from the predation and environmental fluctuations that affect shallower waters. This fascinating adaptation allows deep-sea dwellers to outlive many other species, making them a subject of ongoing research and admiration.

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