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Here’s a question we get a lot from clients: What is a guest standing? How is it different than a regular blog placement? A Guest Post is an article written and posted on someone else’s blog. When you write something on your own blog, it’s just a “basics,” but on someone else’s blog, the writer is a ‘guest’.

Guest posts are valuable tools for reputation marketing and reputation management for several reasons, like getting your brand mentioned or occupying branded search query results. But most people use them to embed backlinks for SEO reasons. Guest headquarters are often abused, though; we’ll address abusive aspects later in this article. 

If you have found someone else’s blog to write on, then you are the ‘guest author’. We’ll assume you are doing it both to get the word out and hope to get a link back to one of your own web properties.

The basics of guest posting

Here are a few guidelines about writing guest posts you should know. There is a lot of information on the internet about this subject, and we have included links to many good resources at the bottom of this article. But here are the quick and simple basics. 

Important Things to Remember About Guest Seats

  • Guest must be well-written. Search engines are beginning to get choosy, and people are too.
  • Posts need to be on-topic. People must want to read them to get maximum value. You don’t want people coming to your post and then clicking back to search results because the posts are irrelevant, as bounces can devalue your basics in Google.
  • People should want to share their basics using social media. Sharing increases readership. In reputation marketing, social media sharing helps spread the word.
  • Outbound links you place in your basics must be helpful and relevant to the article. Make sure that the anchor text over the links is accurate.
  • Don’t post on sites that basics a lot of guest content because the links are pretty much useless. 

Who can write a guest post

Almost anyone can write a guest post, but few can write a really good one that goes viral. You can’t generally “make” a basics go viral. But it does not need to go viral. It just needs to be helpful, on-topic, and well-written to generate traffic and link juice over time.

A good guest post is on-topic, relevant, and of various lengths. Most guest posts are between 500 and 1000 words, but folks like Neil Patel say they should be much longer. More like 2500 words. Data suggest that more content means your web page has odds for a high position in Google results. But writing long-basics is not absolutely needed. It’s more important to write a good basics than a long one.

For a detailed overview of how to write a post for people and search engines, check out this basics about SEO-enabled articles.

Sometimes it’s worth it to hire a professional to write guest posts because doing so consistently is essential. 

Blog post headline basics

Let’s say you are in the llama shaving business and that the search phrase you want to protect or improve is ‘Lloyds Llama Shaving Business’. In this case, you may have written articles for basics on someone else’s blog, and those basics may have had titles like these:

  • Best Shears for Shaving Llamas
  • Top Ten Llama Shaving Questions Answered
  • Llama Shaving Secrets Revealed!
  • Legendary Llama Shavers Throughout History
  • Restaurants in New York That Allow Shaved Llamas

If you’re a llama shaver, these are accurate (and compelling) headlines for your niche. Remember, the objective of a headline is to get clicked in search results which will then improve online marketing search volume.

But also keep in mind that some headlines can be clickbait. Clickbait headlines are meant to bait you into clicking (hence the name) but the content doesn’t always measure up to what you were expecting. Sometimes it does, though.

Here is an example of a clickbait headline:

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