Are MIUI themes compatible for Xiaomi HyperOS?

Are MIUI themes compatible for Xiaomi HyperOS

For Xiaomi users curious about the compatibility of MIUI themes with the recently introduced Xiaomi HyperOS, this article aims to provide a straightforward answer. As Xiaomi continues to evolve its operating system, many wonder whether their favorite MIUI themes are still applicable in the new Xiaomi HyperOS environment.

The good news is that MIUI themes are highly compatible with Xiaomi HyperOS. Since HyperOS is considered as the continuation of MIUI 14, approximately 90% of the themes seamlessly transition from MIUI 14 to HyperOS. The design elements and aesthetics that users have grown accustomed to in MIUI 14 remain largely unchanged in HyperOS.

One of the reasons for this high compatibility lies in the fact that the design of HyperOS closely mirrors that of MIUI 14. Users will find minimal differences in the overall visual layout and elements, ensuring a familiar and comfortable user experience. Xiaomi has maintained design continuity to facilitate a smooth transition for its user base.

For users eager to customize their Xiaomi HyperOS experience with themes, there are two convenient options available. Firstly, you can choose to install MTZ files directly and experience the themes firsthand. Alternatively, you can explore the theme store within HyperOS, where a variety of themes are available for download and immediate use.

In conclusion, MIUI themes are highly compatible with Xiaomi HyperOS, offering users a consistent and visually pleasing experience. With minimal differences in design between MIUI 14 and HyperOS, users can confidently explore and apply their favorite themes without worrying about compatibility issues. Whether you choose to install themes directly or explore the theme store, Xiaomi has made it easy for users to personalize their HyperOS experience.

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