BMW Used In Former Model Murder Found In Punjab, Body Still Missing

BMW Used In Former Model's Murder Found In Punjab, Body Still Missing

Divya Pahuja was murdered at a Gurgaon hotel on Tuesday. (File)

New Delhi:

Former model Divya Pahuja was killed at a Gurgaon hotel on Tuesday, with CCTV footage showing killers dragging her body out of the hotel to a car. Police have managed to identify and arrest three of the five accused through the footage and also recovered the BMW used, but the body of Divya Pahuja is yet to be found.

The 27-year-old was taken to a hotel room on Tuesday by five men. She was shot in the head as she had allegedly been blackmailing the hotel owner with his obscene pictures, police said.

CCTV footage recovered from the hotel shows two men dragging Pahuja’s body, wrapped in a blanket, down a corridor of the hotel at 10.45 pm on Tuesday. One of the men is later seen walking back. Police said the body was carried to a blue BMW owned by Singh and disposed of.

Cops said Abhijeet Singh – the main accused in the murder case – had handed over the car with the body to Balraj Gill alias Hemraj (28) around a kilometre away from the hotel.

Gurgaon Police found the BMW car on Thursday evening at a bus stand in Punjab’s Patiala. But the former model’s body was not in the car and police are now questioning the three arrested about where they dumped the body.

Divya Pahuja was in jail for her alleged involvement in the fake encounter of her then-boyfriend and Gurugram gangster Sandeep Gadoli in 2016. She had been granted bail in June last year.  

Several police officials were later arrested when it was alleged that the encounter was fake. Pahuja and her mother were also taken into custody for allegedly revealing the gangster’s whereabouts and facilitating the “fake encounter”.

Pahuja was in prison since 2016 and was granted bail by the Bombay High Court in June last year.

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