Bollywood’s Best Actor Gives Certificate To Saindhav

One of the finest performers in India right now is none other than actor Nawazuddin Siddique who has a separate cult fanbase across the nation. He is now debuting in Telugu with Venkatesh’s Saindhav movie and is hopeful that he will get to a rousing start here.

When quizzed by about the reason he is not picking many South films though a lot are offered to him, the actor said, “If the script excites me, I will take up the role, no matter if it is a villain or character artist, though I’m playing lead in Hindi cinema. When Sailesh narrated to me Saindhav, I got immediately connected to it and wanted to dub for the role myself. And the kind of action part I’ve in the film is truly amazing, which is something I’ve not done before”.

However, Nawazuddin is quite diplomatic when media asks the usual question like who is his favourite Telugu hero and director. “If I take one name, the others will get hurt. I don’t want that to happen. I like some quality or the other in many heroes and directors. Especially Venkatesh sir, I like his commitment and professionalism. It’s an honour to work with him after seeing his work for a long time, especially after watching some of his Hindi movies as well”, he said.

With Nawazuddin giving certificates to both the film Saindhav, and the onscreen Saindhav, Venkatesh, surely expectations are rising on this January 13th releasing film.

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