Call Of Duty Mobile Dragonfire Draw: Rewards, Price, All Details

Call of Duty Mobile, drawing on the success of its PC version, has become a favorite for many. The game introduces various ways to gain rewards, such as through lucky draws. Another lucky draw was introduced in the game on February 3 and gave fans access to the famous MAC-10 design. In COD Mobile, a lot of gamers have seen the Dragonfire Draw, while some have seen the Two Layer Gacha.

The MAC-10—Dragon’s Might, Shadowfall (default outfit), Hachi—Topaz Edge, and many more awards are offered in both, although the prizes are the same. Here are all the details of the same.

Call of Duty Dragonfire Draw Rewards 

On February 3, several Check the latest link for BGMI Apk downloads, Check out if mobile users encountered the original Dragonfire Draw in their games. The most recent draw included the ten prizes listed below, including the newest MAC-10 camo with a dragon motif and three legendary collectibles:

  • Trip Mine – Topaz Edge
  • Soldier in the City (Calling Card)
  • Shadowfall in the default uniform
  • Dark Portal emote
  • RPD – Topaz Cavern
  • Backpack – Topaz Edge
  • Hachi – Topaz Edge
  • Dragon Coin (Charm)
  • Muscle Car – Topaz Edge
  • MAC-10 – Dragon’s Might

Cost of spins

The initial spin costs 30 CP (COD Points), and subsequent spins will cost different amounts of in-game money. The items in the lucky draw determine how much future turns will cost.

Along with Wolf-Rockstar and the Dragonfire Draw, another brand-new addition was the Guerilla Rocker Loot Box, which contained several camos for guns and other accessories.

Call Of Duty Mobile Dragonfire DrawINFO
Version new
RequiredAndroid 5.0+
Call Of Duty Mobile Dragonfire Draw

Many Call of Duty Mobile players, however, were unable to access the Dragonfire Draw in their games. Instead, they received the Two Layer Gacha, which included prizes from both the Guerilla Rocker Loot Box and the Dragonfire Draw on COD Mobile.

New Outer circle rewards

  • Running Guy
  • Axe Wielder
  • Angel of Punk
  • Thunder Beam
  • Guitar Strings
  • NA-45 – Eternal Life
  • HG 40 – Eternal Life
  • Combat Axe – Eternal Life
  • Karambit – Eternal Life
  • Trip Mine – Eternal Life
  • Parachute – Eternal Life
  • Flashbang Grenade – Eternal Life
  • Snowboard – Eternal Life
  • Desperado – Eternal Life
  • L-CAR 9 – Eternal Life

Inner circle rewards

The following are the items available in COD Mobile’s Two Layer Gacha:

  • DR-H – Burning Iron
  • Wolf – Rockstar
  • MAC-10 – Dragon’s Might
  • Shadowfall
  • Hachi – Topaz Edge
  • RPD – Topaz Cavern
  • Dragon Coin
  • Soldiers in the City

Outer circle rewards

  • Key
  • Gold Crate Coupon
  • Silver Crate Coupon
  • Backpack 2 – Stars n’ Songs
  • NA-45 – Eternal Life
  • HG 40 – Eternal Life
  • Snowboard – Eternal Life
  • KN-44 – Rockin’!
  • HS2126 – Rockin’!
  • S36 – Rockin’!
  • Tank – Rockin’!
  • Muscle Car – Topaz Edge
  • Backpack – Topaz Edge
  • Pink Guitar
  • Dark Portal
  • Trip Mine – Topaz Edge
  • Storm Ball – Rockin’!
  • Cultural Export
  • Lickin’ Tunes
  • PP19 Bizon – Stars n’ Songs
  • Crossbow – Stars n’ Songs
  • ATV – Stars n’ Songs
  • Backpack 2 – Stars n’ Songs
  • EMP – Stars n’ Songs

Players will receive a Key after purchasing a maximum of seven COD Mobile products from the outer layer. They may use this Key to draw (or redeem) prizes from the inner circle.

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