Company pres says Ace 3V battery can exceed OnePlus 12’s power

OnePlus executive Li Jie Louis shared that the OnePlus Ace 3V will deliver an “extremely good” battery performance, which should allow it to surpass the battery power of the OnePlus 12.

The Ace 3V is expected to be launched soon after Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon flagship product launch. In preparation for this, the Chinese smartphone brand has been teasing some important details about the new smartphone it is about to unveil. Days ago, it can be recalled that Louis shared the front design of the model and confirmed that it would use the Snapdragon 7 Plus Gen 3 chip, calling it a “little 8 Gen 3.”

Following this, OnePlus doubled down on enthusing over the Ace 3V, with Louis stressing that it has a powerful battery that can beat the performance of the company’s current flagship model.

“The battery life of (Ace 3V) is extremely good,” the executive wrote on the Chinese platform Weibo. “During my extensive use, the actual performance even surpassed that of OnePlus 12.”

The device is expected to launch in China next week under the OnePlus Ace 3V monicker, while its international branding would either be Nord 4 or 5. Aside from the details shared by the company about the phone, Ace 3V is also rumored to get 100W wired fast charging tech, AI capabilities, and 16GB RAM.

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