Dhanush & Siva Karthikeyan Facing Challenges In Telugu

Star Tamil heroes Dhanush and Siva Karthikeyan are determined not to compromise on the Telugu release of their upcoming films during Sankranthi. The Tamil films “Captain Miller” and “Ayalan,” slated for release in Tamil Nadu on January 12, are facing postponement for their Telugu versions due to the lack of available screens. Already, the Telugu films are struggling hard to get a reasonable number of screens.

The producers, who have acquired the rights for these Tamil films, are striving to secure screening opportunities in Telugu states, but the competition is fierce. They want to release the film at least in limited number of screens and multiplexes but it could lead to serious repercussions.

“Captain Miller” and “Ayalan” are big-budget films featuring elaborate visual effects, and the decision to release them only in Tamil would expose them to challenges like reviews, piracy concerns, and public response on the first day.

Both actors are putting pressure on their respective producers to ensure a Telugu release, understanding the potential impact on their films’ success. Despite the current challenges, it is highly impossible for these films to secure a release, especially when the market of both actors is booming in Telugu states.

On the whole, this Sankranthi, the fate is not working in the favour of dubbing films.

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