Difference Between Athadu, Khaleja & Guntur Kaaram!

Ever since the film “Guntur Kaaram” was released, the comparisons of this film’s content with Mahesh-Trivikram’s previous two outings are natural. Many want to know what’s the major difference between Athadu, Khaleja and Guntur Kaaram, and to know more about it, today posed the same to producer Naga Vamsi. Here’s what he says.

“Both Athadu and Khaleja are genre-based movies which turned out to be cult films. But Guntur Kaaram is a commercial mass movie that is made for a festival. A film that lives up to expectations and gives profits to buyers and trade circuits is a commercial movie, and Guntur Kaaram is true to that” said Naga Vamsi, emphasising that the film is a greater success despite the reviews and negativity surrounding it on the day of release. 

On the other hand, Naga Vamsi also stated that when they were apprehensive about the film’s result, Mahesh Babu asked them to wait for a day such that the audience would showcase how much they loved the film. However he agreed to the fact that they didn’t project the film well, and that’s the reason the initial negativity surfaced. 

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