Elden Ring’s Latest Mod is the Perfect Way to Wait for FromSoftware’s Shadow of the Erdtree Expansion

Elden Ring was released back in February of last year and continues to pull players even now. Gamers are waiting for the new DLC expansion, Shadow of the Erd Tree, which will be released next month and continue the main story of Elden Ring, while also revealing significant new details. As fans wait for the expansion that’s just over a month away, the year-old game has received a whole new way of playing thanks to modders.

The modding community isn’t new to the gaming industry and this time a famous modding group has released a mod for Elden Ring. It has so far received a considerable amount of downloads already.

A New Elden Ring Has Quickly Become Popular

This mod helps Elden Ring players try something new while waiting for Shadow of the Erdtree.This mod helps Elden Ring players try something new while waiting for Shadow of the Erdtree.
This mod helps Elden Ring players try something new while waiting for Shadow of the Erdtree.

Popular group, Nexus Mods, released a new mod for Elden Ring a few months back that has quickly become quite popular with over 21,000 downloads at the time of this writing. The mod aims to give players a new way to play the main game, while they wait for updates on the upcoming expansion with new combat, new outfits, and new items.

The mod is no joke either, as it’s the equivalent of an entire expansion in itself and is also free for players to download and install. Named the Dark Moon mod and created and published by a modder named Auram Alexander on the Nexus Mods website, it is described as a “large-scale gameplay and cosmetic overhaul“.

The modder has mentioned that Dark Moon is based on another earlier mod named Elden Ring: Shattered, bringing a complete overhaul to aspects of the prior version. For instance, the mod gives players improved combat, which is made to feel more in line with that of FromSoftware’s famous title, Bloodborne.

The mod gives players several new outfits and items as well, though not all of them are useful in the game as they’re mere cosmetic updates.

Additional Items and Outfits in the Dark Moon Mod

Some of the items added to the game by the mod give players added HP and an extra Stamina.Some of the items added to the game by the mod give players added HP and an extra Stamina.
Some of the items added to the game give players extra HP and stamina.

Among the items added to the game, some of the useful ones include an Elden Soup that grants increased strength from several different sources for a limited time, and also replenishes when the player is resting. Then there are Snowballs, which when thrown at an enemy cause them to build up frostbite for a limited time.

There is also a set of three Amber Medallions, Crimson, Cerulean, and Viridian, each with different uses. The Crimson medallion adds HP regeneration, the Cerulean medallion adds FP on every hit, and the Viridian medallion adds an extra Stamina regeneration.

The mod also brings new armor, a plethora of new items, weapons, and even spells for players to try out. There’s an improvement in character creation as well, along with several new sets of outfits. Some of the best-looking attire includes Chester’s Set, Wolf Knight’s Set, Hunter’s Set, the Gloom Set, and Dragonslayer’s Set.

The outfits don’t bring any gameplay benefits on their own, but they’re inspired by other games and popular characters, like the Dragonslayer’s Set which comes in two variants, both inspired by the Dark Souls games. The mod also opens up new areas called The Arena and The Isle of Bounty, both of which contain new items and secrets for players to explore and find.

Several other mods for Elden Ring can be paired up along with the Dark Moon mod to bring even more customization and ways to play the game. Another mod named The Convergence gives players the ability to resurrect bosses in the game to fight them multiple times.

The Convergence also allows better crafting without the need for cookbooks or containers, and gives players new equipment as well. This mod has been around for a while and has so far garnered over 216,000 downloads at the time of this writing.

As with every mod in Elder Ring and also in general, modders recommend starting a new game with the mods installed. This keeps the mods from behaving erratically and prevents bugs and instability as well. Shadow of the Erdtree releases next month and fans will hope the expansion is just as good as the game overall.

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