The Casual Marvel Fan’s Guide to Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

The Casual Marvel Fan’s Guide to Black Panther:

This article contains spoilers for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Can you remind me what’s the deal with the heart-shaped herb? Why was Shuri trying to synthesize a new one?

The heart-shaped herb is a plant that grows best in soil rich in vibranium. Vibranium’s properties infuse the herb with powers, and it is the herb that must be ingested to become a supernatural Black Panther. In the first film, Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) eats and destroys the rest of the heart-shaped herb and kills T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman), forcing anyone to gain Black Panther’s powers and The hope was to prevent him from defeating him. , However, Nakiya (Lupita Nyong’o) saves the one and uses it to bring T’Challa back to life. At the start of Wakanda Forever, Wakanda has no heart-shaped herons left and no way to save the dying T’Challa, let alone a new Black Panther. Later in the film, Shuri (Letitia Wright) is able to use a relic from the vibranium-rich Atlantis city of Talokan to synthesize a new heart-shaped herb.

Speaking of Nakia, what is happening to her and what is she doing in Haiti? That part was a little confusing.

The key to understanding Nakia’s story is to remember that the poor woman lost T’Challa twice: first during Thanos’ snap in Avengers: Infinity War, and second, five years after her return to Avengers: Endgame when she died of an unnamed disease. So she’s six years off: she went after the first snap, and she didn’t return for T’Challa’s funeral even after five years, and then most of the events in Wakanda Forever take place a year after the funeral. . What she’s doing in Haiti seems like she’s taking the time to grieve that Shuri refuses to take, and she’s teaching young kids—plus there’s one more thing she’s doing Which won’t appear until the mid-credits scene.

What should I know about the mid-credits scene? And is there a post-credits scene?

In the mid-credits scene, we learn that T’Challa and Nakia secretly had a son, T’Challa Jr., and that he will be raised in Haiti, away from the pressures of royalty, according to T’Challa’s wishes. Was getting it done. And then there’s no post-credits scene! We only see a message that says “Black Panther will be back.” Maybe they decided it would be too hard to follow up sweet mid-credits by teasing more Marvel product.

Why does Nakiya say that her son’s name “has a great history”?

She is talking about her Haitian name, which is Toussaint. It is safe to say that they are named after Toussaint Louverture, the leader of the Haitian Revolution, which not only ended slavery on the island but inspired anti-colonial rebellions around the world. The Louvrecher was such a great leader that his legend grew to the point where he was sometimes thought to have supernatural powers, and he was once even compared to a tiger for his ability to do so. So: a figure of salvation with supernatural power in the mold of a big cat—you get the connection.

Does T’Challa have a son in the comics?

He does! But everything else is very different: His name is Azari T’Challa, and T’Challa Pere had him alongside Storm from the X-Men, so in addition to being the next Black Panther, he also has some bonus mutant powers. It looks like the Marvel Cinematic Universe is taking things in a slightly different direction.

Who is this new Iron Man-type character? I wasn’t quite sure what she was doing in this movie, but I love her.

That’s Riri Williams (Dominic Thorne), aka Ironheart. (You may have noticed the heart-shaped glow in the center of her super suit.) The character first appeared in Iron Man comics in 2016, and has become so popular that she now has her own comics, written by Eve Ewing. The answer to what she’s doing in this movie would seem to be that they’re setting up her Marvel TV show, which premieres next year.

How long has Julia Louis-Dreyfus been appearing in Marvel movies?

since last year! Louis-Dreyfus first appeared in the MCU in a brief cameo in the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and then he appeared in a post-credits scene later last year, which followed Black Widow. As we’ve mentioned before, in the comics, her character, Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, happens to be a bit of a double agent (one of her nicknames has been Madame Hydra), so we can expect that she’ll play a bigger role in the coming years. In things — Marvel’s upcoming Suicide Squad-esque film about a team of villains called the Thunderbolts and set out in 2024 — and maybe in a way that’s tough for poor Everett Ross (Martin Freeman) May is the former of what we now know.

Why is Martin Freeman… here?

As you may well have forgotten, Martin Freeman’s Everett Ross previously had a small role as a CIA agent in Black Panther, providing important background on Killmonger’s Black Ops training and his eventual fight for freedom. fights with Wakandans in battle (you know, like the CIA usually does in African countries). In Wakanda Forever, his only real task is to tell Shuri and Okoye where to find Riri, talk with director De Fontaine about his all-American appetite for vibranium, and remind the audience that there is a The entire MCU ignores that the movie is otherwise massive. Also, the officials must have thought that there should be a white character in the film, who does something.

The new villain, Namor, reminded me of Killmonger from the first Black Panther. Is that from the comics?

Yes, but they have changed him a lot. In the comics, Namor (aka the Sub-Mariner) is an ankle-clawed classic antihero who has worked with and against the good guys, mostly in retaliation for his fights against the surface dwellers. Looking for. Although the characters’ function in this film is largely the same, their backstory is very different than in the comics.

In the comics, Namor is the prince of Atlantis, not the ruler of Talokan. However, writer-director Ryan Coogler has stated that they both wanted to give viewers a new alternative to the general vision of Atlantis, (which has been old news to audiences since it was first conceived by the Greeks and Romans) and he saw an opportunity to use this underwater city to envision a Mesoamerican foil for Wakanda.

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The entire history of the film, in which Namor takes his name from the Spanish colonists and is referred to as a “child without love” (“El Nio sin amor”), is additional. Like Wakanda, Talokan is also inspired by a mix of cultures from across its region: the name Talocan is inspired by the mythical Aztec city of Tlaicán, but we are told that the language they speak is Yucatec Maya. Similarly, the winged serpent god (also known as Kukulcan in Yucatec Maya and Quetzalcoatl for the Aztecs, among other regional names) is a true Mesoamerican deity. Meanwhile, Tenoch Huerta, the Mexican actor who plays Namor, has said that both his Nahua and Purpecha people have indigenous ancestors.

Why is Namor not as blue as the others in Talokan?

According to Wakanda Forever, the people of Namor essentially took their (bluer) version of the heart-shaped herb collectively, but instead of bringing them closer to death, it actually killed their land-dwelling forms. inserted, making them essentially super-strong water-breathing. But Namor’s mother was pregnant at the time, so she is a genetic hybrid, functionally immortal and able to survive out of water for long periods of time. In other words, he’s a mutant—a concept that was recently introduced to the MCU, now that Disney owns the X-Men.

Are their cute little ankle feathers in the comics more intimidating?


  • Why did Namor say “Imperius Rex”? It looked like my audience would get a kick out of it.

Because that’s his catchphrase! And no, it doesn’t really make sense. It’s Latin, -ish, for something like “government king” or “empire king”, but mostly it sounds cool to what Namor thinks. In a fight in the comics, Namor issues it as a battle cry while coming for Thor, to which Thor replies, “All these years, Namor, and I still don’t know what that means. Is.” Namor, in turn, explains, “That means I’m going to feed your sorry Asgardian hide to the biggest shark I can find!”

Should we send Shuri and Namor as a couple?

Well I’m glad I’m not alone. I, too, was feeling ~vibes~ for a second. I don’t know if those vibes were exactly what the movie intended, but the Dude is centuries old (talk about an age difference!) and threatens to wipe out the human race. Maybe she’s better off without him.

If Taloknil spends his entire life underwater and has the technology to make water bombs and aquatic highways, why doesn’t he ever wear flippers? Wouldn’t that make swimming easier?

Who are we to judge them? They seem perfectly happy all around, make mysterious hand gestures, and lure warriors to their waters of destruction with their mermaid-like calls.

Let’s go back to Killmonger. I thought we’d seen the last of him. Can you explain how they brought him back? 

Fans of the first film will remember that in order to become a Black Panther, a ritual that involves consuming a heart-shaped herb, putting to sleep, burying it, and then awakening in the ancestral plane is exactly what it sounds like. like but the sky is purple. It is here that the future Black Panther is likely to speak to his ancestors for advice and clarity, before becoming a Black Panther. Shuri expected to see his mother but was instead surprised when Killmonger waited for her on the ancestral plane, driving her to the dark side full of vengeance.
Why does Mabaku live on top of a mountain? Doesn’t he feel cold?
  • Well, Jabari likes their privacy, and Mabaku likes to wear fur. He is alright.
  • Why, at the end of the movie, was Mabaku saying that he was making a challenger to the throne?

It’s a bit vague, but by the end of the film, Shuri says yes to taking over Black Panther, but not to taking charge of royalty and becoming the next Queen of Wakanda. Mamaku makes a challenge to become king, but with Shuri’s blessings and no one left to challenge him, it is just a formality to honor tradition.

How does one get the entire Talokan strike force from Yucatan to Wakanda on day one? Can whales swim that fast? Can whales swim a hundred miles up a river? Wouldn’t they need to rest? Aren’t Orcas Saltwater Mammals Anyway?

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