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One of the biggest Hindu Festivals Holi is around the corner and everyone is waiting eagerly for it. The vibrant splash of colours paints the environment with warmth and fun. This festival brings loved ones together.
I remember having fun together with my family. Friends and people around used to come together for parties, dances, and feasts. Traditional sweets like gujiya, thandai, lots of snacks, and other festive dishes were prepared and shared among loved ones.Today, people might get busy but this festival brings our loved ones together. The approach of Holi is no different from yesterday.
However, amidst the fun and frolic, the harsh chemicals in synthetic colours can take a toll on your skin and hair. Sun exposure, water and these artificial colours harm your skin and hair. Instead of worrying, you should take a holistic approach to pre and post-Holi care to ensure your skin and hair do not suffer the adverse effects.
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Pre-Holi care
1. Start with CTM
Don’t forget to follow your skincare routine even on the day of Holi. Clean your face thoroughly first thing in the morning. Cleanse your face with rose water or raw milk and then wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Be sure to apply toner to your face. This is a good option to remove the remaining dirt and grime. After applying toner, moisturize your face, neck, hands, and feet thoroughly.
2. Apply Oil Onto Your Skin
Before you step out to enjoy the festivities, I advise you to thoroughly oil your skin and hair. Coconut and almond oil create a protective layer and works as a barrier. This barrier makes sure that the harmful chemicals of synthetic colours do not penetrate your skin and stain. This practice not only protects but also makes it easier to wash off the colours later.
3. Apply Good Amount of Sunscreen
Applying sunscreen is important on normal days, but it becomes even more important on Holi. Given that Holi is played outdoors, applying a waterproof sunscreen with high SPF is crucial. Sunscreen works by creating a protective layer between the skin and the sun. Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen offers extra protection from UVA and UVB rays.
If your skin is sensitive and prone to allergic reactions, then go for SPF higher than 30 or even 40. Take a good amount of sunscreen on your two fingers and then apply it to the exposed areas. Remember to apply it every two hours.
4. Don’t Forget About Nails
Take care of your skin and hair, but don’t forget your nails. Nails can also become weak and brittle due to water and synthetic colours. Water mixed with colours can become a breeding ground for bacteria. It can lead to fungal or bacterial infections, characterized by discoloration, swelling, or pain around the nails. Before diving into Holi festivities, apply a thick layer of oil to your nails and cuticles. This will make a protective barrier. Applying a coat of transparent or coloured nail polish can prevent direct contact between the nails and harmful colours.


5. Wear Protective Clothing
Wearing protective clothing during Holi is a practical and effective strategy to safeguard your skin and hair from the potential adverse effects of synthetic colours. Wearing a cap or a scarf can help protect your hair from getting coated with colours. Opt for lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton. Choose clothes that cover most of your body. The clothing should be loose-fitting to ensure ease of movement and to prevent any color from sticking to your skin through the fabric. Choose closed shoes or old sneakers that cover your feet completely.
Post-Holi Care
1. Start with the Gentle Cleansing
First, dust off the dry colours. Do not rigorously scrub the skin. Gently cleanse your skin. Use a mild herbal cleanser or a homemade pack of gram flour, milk, and turmeric to softly remove the color. Harsh scrubbing may irritate and can damage the skin further.
2. Moisturize Your Skin
Your skin requires extra care and nourishment to recover from exposure to colours, sun, and water. The cleansing process can often strip the skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry and irritated. Applying a generous amount of a natural moisturizer or almond oil after cleansing is an excellent step towards soothing and replenishing your skin’s lost moisture.
3. Rehydrate Your Skin
Following the colourful celebration of Holi, the skin may become dry, irritated, or inflamed due to the synthetic colours. Soothing aloe vera gel or a homemade mask of yogurt and honey is an excellent way to rehydrate and calm the skin post-Holi.
After thoroughly cleansing your skin, pat it dry. Apply a generous amount of aloe vera gel directly to your face and body. Let it sit and absorb into your skin for at least 15-20 minutes before rinsing off.
Also, you can mix 2 tablespoons of plain, unsweetened yogurt with 1 tablespoon of raw honey to form a paste. Apply this to your face, hands, and neck. Leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water.
4. Hair Mask for Damage Hair
Hair undergoes a lot of stress during Holi. First, rinse your hair with water to wash away the dry colours. Then, use a mild herbal shampoo followed by a conditioner. After washing, apply a hair mask made from eggs, yogurt, or amla powder to nourish and restore hair health.

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5. Avoid Makeup and Hair Styling
I would suggest avoiding makeup and hair styling for a few days. The skin becomes weak due to the colouring and the after-cleaning process. In such a situation, makeup products can cause more harm to the skin. Similarly, hair styling tools can cause breakage to already weak hair. Give your skin and hair a break from makeup and styling to allow it to breathe and recover from any potential damage.
Additionally, do not forget to drink plenty of water the whole day. Staying outdoors for long can be the reason of dehydration. Make sure to keep your body and skin hydrated!
Inputs by Beauty Guru, Shahnaz Husain

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