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Steven Yeun has officially stepped down from his role in the upcoming film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thunderbolts. While Marvel never outright confirmed what Yeun had a part in the film (or even what character he was playing), Yeun has now commented on his departure from the film.

Steven Yeun
Steven Yeun

Yeun has come out with his sincerest regrets for not being able to join the MCU, something that was affected by the dual strikes of 2023 and the scheduling issues that have cropped up since. Yeun, speaking to Variety, opened up about stepping down, and how he did it.

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Steven Yeun is confident the film will work without him

Steven Yeun in Minari (2020)
Steven Yeun in Minari (2020)

Speaking with Variety, Yeun talked about the issues that kept the actor from joining the MCU, most of which resulted from the Writers and Actors strikes that took up a significant portion of 2023, preventing actors and writers from participating in any non-compliant studio productions. The actor said:

“I think for me, time passing and things shifting kind of pulled me out of it. But Jake [Schreier], I know, is going to do an incredible job.”

Jake Schreier of Paper Towns fame has been slated to direct Thunderbolts, which will feature a myriad of anit-heroes and ex-villains in the MCU, all of whom have found themselves at odds with one hero or the other. The film has been compared to the likes of the Suicide Squad, but with the signature Marvel charm and quips, given the cast of characters and where they stand inside the MCU’s narrative. It would star several returning characters that have been supporting the Steve Rogers iteration of Captain America through his adventures.

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Steven Yeun still wants to do a Marvel film

Marvel's Thunderbolts
Marvel’s Thunderbolts

Despite his departure from the MCU project, Steven Yeun is eager to star in an MCU film. The actor, who said “I wanna do a Marvel movie,”, already stars in an emerging superhero IP, Invincible, for  Amazon Studios. The actor was rumored to be playing the chief antagonist of the film, The Sentry, a Superman analog plagued with visions of a life that everybody in the world is forced to forget.

Yeun’s involvement as the Sentry was revealed by Robert Kirkman accidentally when the author was engaging in an interview. If true, Marvel would be looking for a replacement for the character, whose version of the MCU, might be different from that of the comics. The Thunderbolts would also feature Thunderbolt Ross, played by Harrison Ford. Sentry’s origin is pretty similar to other super soldiers in the MCU, given his powers come from a more potent, concentrated version of the super-soldier serum, giving him the power of ‘1 million exploding suns’.

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