Huawei’s plan to sell 60 million smartphones in 2024 is issue for Samsung, SK Hynix

Huawei is expected to sell 60 million smartphones this year, with 15 million of them belonging to the flagship section. However, while achieving this could mean success for the Chinese brand, it could be a problem for companies like Samsung and SK Hynix.

According to TechInsights (via @Tech_Reve) in its recent note, Huawei will be achieving a milestone this year by selling 60 million smartphone units. This will double the Huawei device sales compared to last year if it is completed, which will be remarkable as the brand remains challenged by the US ban.

The news follows earlier reports highlighting the resurgence of the brand in the Chinese market, which even allowed it to beat Apple. According to Counterpoint Research, Huawei witnessed success in the release of its Mate 60, which reportedly outshadowed the iPhone 15 in China. Compared to its competitors, the company had a 64% YoY increase in its shipments during the first six weeks of the year, with Honor adding 2% to the figure.

On the other hand, a separate report from DSCC claims that Huawei will outrank Samsung in the foldables market, saying that the Chinese smartphone manufacturer will own over 40% of the foldable market share in the first half of 2024. According to the firm, this will be possible through the help of the brand’s recent releases of Mate X5 and Pocket 2.

TechInsights’ claim about the 60 million unit sales is lower than the earlier reported 100 million goal of the company. Yet, the number is enough to threaten its competitors. According to @Tech_Reve, Huawei consuming more shares of the semiconductor market will be a disaster for Samsung and SK Hynix.

“This raises concerns about the future performance of SK Hynix and Samsung in China,” @Tech_Reve explained. “Why is that? Because Huawei cannot trade with SK and Samsung due to U.S. sanctions. In other words, the more market share Huawei gains in China, the more customers Korean semiconductor companies lose… This is a very worrisome situation.”

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