HyperOS-based app update inadvertently released to MIUI users causes reboot loop, Xiaomi confirms

Xiaomi has admitted that it made the mistake of accidentally releasing an app update that was only intended for HyperOS to MIUI users. With this, affected users are now experiencing a loop of reboots, preventing them from using their devices. Worse, it seems the only way to fix the issue is through a factory reset, which translates to permanent data loss.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer has recently addressed the matter through different channels, ultimately removing the app update from its GetApps store and the internet. According to Xiaomi, there is only a “small number” of users being affected by the issue, but different users are voicing the problem on various platforms and forums.

According to the company, the update was supposed to be released only to HyperOS users but ended up coming to MIUI users as well. As such, incompatibility issues started among Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO devices. As shared by affected users, the boot prevents them from uninstalling the pre-installed MIUI app (System UI plugin), making factory reset the only option. Xiaomi, nonetheless, is advising users to seek technical help from the company’s service providers and channels to end it. As underscored by the company, attempting to self-repair the devices could indeed lead to permanent data loss.

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