Level Infinite brings four new outfits into the game, CHECK DETAILS

PUBG Mobile Power4 Band Series: Level Infinite brings four new outfits to the game. Level Infinite always brings new surprises for PUBG Mobile fans. Recent updates to the Power 4 virtual rock band’s skins for PUBG Mobile were made. This virtual band has already dropped multiple songs in the game.

With the addition of Neon Assassin Power, the New PUBG Mobile POWER4 Band series, which adds four new sets to the game, is now playable. Check out the detailed information below. For future updates on PUBG Mobile, follow

Version2.5.0 new
RequiredAndroid 5.0+

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PUBG Mobile Power4 Band Series: Level Infinite brings four new outfits in the game, CHECK DETAILS

The band features four characters with different roles. Flame Lord is the singer, while Wraith Lord is the bassist. The guitarist is Grave Lord and Spike Demon is the band’s drummer. Their outfits are available and players can acquire them in-game. Here is the list of outfits, introduced recently in the game-

  • Blaztech Patrol Set
  • Symphonic Solace Set
  • Mystic Veteran Set
  • Ascendant Agent Set

This concludes the most recent statement made by Level Infinite, the company behind PUBG Mobile. New collaborations, items, and other additions to the game will be made in the future. Next month, PUBG Mobile’s 2.5 Update is scheduled to launch, and players can expect to see some significant changes to the Battleground.

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