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Manoj Joshi: Sirf Ram, Ram, aur Ram hoga helobaba.com

There were reports suggesting that actor Manoj Joshi has donated a certain amount for the construction of Ram mandir in Ayodhya. “I have not donated anything to tell it to anyone, Ram ke naam par jo kuch bhi karta hai, vo Ram naam hota hai. Harr bhartiya ne kiya hai ram lalla ke liye donation,” he says.

manoj joshi in ayodhya ram mandir
manoj joshi in ayodhya ram mandir

While in Ayodhya, the actor shares about his elated feeling while talking to us. Joshi expresses, “I am very lucky that me and my wife were amongst the few from the industry who were invited for the event. My ancestors must have dreamt about the construction of Ram Mandir. I will watch their dream from my own eyes, it is an extraordinary moment and beyond words,” adding, “We came to Ayodhya on the 19th and are here till 22nd after the inauguration. I am very happy and emotional, it is an utmost auspicious moment. Not just me, every Indian has Ram in their hearts, it is a happy day for everyone.”

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Emphasising the importance of this day, the actor quips, “Finally, mandir construction in Ayodhya has been completed. Ram ka charitra 300 languages mai translated hai, aise hi nahi hai. Ram Lalla ka janm sthaan Ayodhya ko siddh karne ke lie, hume 505 saal apne hi desh mai lag gaye, it is sad but the truth.”

“Ayodhya mai aisa lagraha hai jaise saare utsav ek saath hain, bilkul adbhut. When I came by flight, even the whole environment in the plane was all about Ram. Everyone was singing Ram bhajans, it was not a regular flight. I will go to the Sarayu river and every place where Ram has gone. For me, it is going to be divine and spiritual for 3 days. Sirf Ram Ram aur Ram hoga,” Joshi concludes, elaborating on his plans in Ayodhya and experience of travelling there.

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