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MyHome nulled theme 3.1.71 Free Download

MyHome is a premium real estate WordPress theme that can be used to construct outstanding and user-friendly real estate websites that your consumers will adore. MyHome nulled theme is adaptable and inventive, requiring no previous coding experience and making it simple to create beautiful, user-friendly websites.

Theme features:

Single-Click Import: With access to six specialized demonstrations, 14 homepages, and a large choice of ready-to-use pre-set pages, developing your website is simple. MyHome nulled theme comes with a diverse collection of photos and videos that you can use for free.

Globally adaptable: translate text into any language, alter currencies, and swap between the imperial and metric systems. MyHome nulled theme supports RTL. Some of the languages with free partial translation files are: espaol, français, (hind), polski, italiano, Deutsch, and ларcки.

Intuitive Page Builder: Create pages with our simple drag-and-drop approach. MyHome nulled themeoffers 18 more drag-and-drop modules than WPBakery Page Builder, one of the most popular WordPress plugins. Each module was created just for MyHome and is not accessible anywhere else.

Custom Fields: Because every real estate firm is unique, MyHome nulled theme guarantees that you are never limited to the preset choices. Create an infinite amount of custom search fields to ensure that your search engine matches the demands of your clientele.

Advanced Search Functionality: Because search forms are so important in the real estate industry, we’ve spent hundreds of hours testing and enhancing the MyHome search function. The end result? A powerful and adaptable search engine that can be tailored to your clients’ requirements, enabling them to find properties based on their exact criteria.

Instant Results: As you write, search results are updated, giving you prospective possibilities and saving your visitor the trouble of several search inputs. Retain users and reduce bounce rates by giving them an experience they can’t get anywhere else.

Map Searches: Integrate Google Maps with extra filtering possibilities on your website. It is entirely dynamic and works in tandem with Google Street View.

Classic Searches: Create a traditional search form that takes people to a dedicated page that has a list of all your accessible properties. Save some space on your site for any additional information about you, your organization, testimonials, or special deals that you want customers to see.

Relevant Fields: Advanced search engines include a plethora of choice fields by default. Our intelligent search engine eliminates the unnecessary based on property type selection, so your visitors only need to fill out areas that are relevant to their needs.

Field Relationships: Do you need to link your city field to your street field? Create an infinite number of associations between search fields to automatically filter your results and provide a quicker, more user-friendly experience.

Keyword Autocomplete: MyHome nulled theme delivers ideas to your users as soon as they begin entering in any search field, allowing them to locate what they need quickly.

Saved Searches: No one has time to go through search results on a daily basis. When properties that fit your clients’ criteria emerge on your MyHome website, saved searches send an email message.

Sliders: Fully integrated property sliders allow you to highlight your most amazing homes on any page. Highlight assets that need extra attention from your consumers. There are also eight MyHome-exclusive intro sliders.

Flexible Property Page: Use galleries or full-width sliders to make your property page stand out. Customize your sidebar and contact forms, as well as the arrangement of the single property sections. With a simple click, you can disable modules you’re not using. Our robust pricing module enables you to assign many price points to a single property at the same time, such as price ranges or rental vs. sale.

Property Videos: A picture is worth a thousand words, and video combines the two! Include links to YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook, or submit an.mp4 file to instantly produce responsive video.

Property Virtual Tour: Include an iFrame or embed code to show any tour provider’s virtual tour.

Property Attachments: Include any other items that your customers may want, such as Word documents, PDFs, or picture files.

Property Plans: To reduce space on your property pages, upload property plans and show them in the picture accordion.

Sticky Sidebar: Increase the visibility of your contact form and user profile by attaching them to one side of the screen so that your users can simply contact you as soon as they find a property that piques their interest.

Similar Properties: Display similar properties on each property page based on whatever text field criteria you choose, such as offer or property type.

Nearby Properties: Include a map on your property pages that shows other properties in the vicinity. Select the size of the search radius in your admin panel to optimize page clicks and lead generation.

Favorite Properties: Allow users to save any property to a list of favorites so that they can quickly locate it later. A favorites option encourages people to register with your site, which increases the likelihood of a sale and the value of your website.

Compare Properties: Users may compare an infinite number of properties at the same time. Differences in property fields, location, and price will be displayed at a glance, saving customers the trouble of switching between browser windows to compare prospective purchases.

Icon Integration: Text is easy, but it may take up a lot of space on your website. Use icons to indicate the number of bedrooms and bathrooms on your property cards or page to save space and simplify the browsing experience. MyHome nulled theme offers a one-of-a-kind collection of integrated real estate icons and typefaces for your convenience.

Comment Support: User interaction and customer service are critical components of any online experience. Allow comments on the property page to learn what people have to say.

Breadcrumbs: Improve your website flow and encourage people to stay on your site longer. Breadcrumbs highlight your paths and allow your clients to return to their initial search criteria without having to re-enter their search parameters.

User Roles: From agents to buyers, your users need varying degrees of access to do various duties. Set up and configure user roles based on your organization’s structure; the amount of access is entirely up to you. The following user roles were available: agent, agency, buyer, and super agent.

Social Authentication: Allow users to establish accounts using their current social network accounts, transforming a time-consuming task into a fast and straightforward one. Integration with Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, and LinkedIn is accessible.

Captcha: As bots and artificial intelligence get more sophisticated, it is more necessary than ever to safeguard your website against spam and scams. Google reCAPTCHA keeps spam material out, safeguarding your consumers and your business.

Email alerts: Get updates on your website without having to log in; email alerts will notify you when a new client registers on your site or when a third party submits a property for moderation.

User Moderation: Maintain complete control of your website by monitoring new users and authorizing use rights. You may prevent unskilled workers from making unauthorized modifications and avert catastrophes by demanding manual permission for all fully-fledged agents.

Custom User Fields: Create new fields based on the needs of the user. New fields will display immediately in all user profiles as well as on all user cards and carousels.

Terms of Service: This checkbox requires users to agree to your terms of service before registering, making you GDPR and other data rules compliant.

Flexible Property Submission Form: Rearrange the fields on the property submission form. Create multiple and single option fields, necessary fields, instructions, and specify the maximum number and size of photos in the gallery.

Property Modification: Can unidentified third parties add properties to your website? The moderation feature in MyHome allows you to accept or reject these items before they go live, giving you complete control.

Step-by-Step Submission Process: Personalize your property submission process by breaking enormous forms down into smaller, easier-to-digest chunks. Long and unnecessarily intricate procedures turn off new users; concise forms are a simple method to increase conversion rates and keep clients.

Pre-Registration Property Submission: Allowing new clients to fill out the property submission form before registering increases the likelihood that they will finish the registration process. Nobody loves leaving work half-finished or feeling like they’ve lost time; registering after submitting a property encourages possible new consumers to stay.

Add Addresses Using a Map: When you choose a location on your submit property form, some property fields will auto-fill based on Google Maps, saving you or your clients the time and effort of searching up zip codes and street names.

Monetize Your Website: With memberships and packages, you may convert your website into an income generator.

Payment Methods: Provide your customers with a range of payment options. MyHome’s integration with WooCommerce payment gateways provides a variety of payment options. PayPal, Stripe, and direct bank transfer are all supported.

Payment Packages: With flexible payment packages, you may develop personalized offers for your customers that will satisfy their varied demands. You may include discounts, coupons, and even one-time-only deals. Set the quantity of free properties that a user may add before switching to a premium plan for brand-new websites, allowing you to create trust with new customers in the early days of your firm.

Design Options: Your website is an extension of your brand. Customize your site to meet your brand and make it immediately recognized by your consumer base with access to more than 150 color pickers, 800 Google fonts, and more than 10,000 Google Map color palette styles.

Menu Options: Upload logos, change menus and drop-downs, adjust header bars, and much more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is essential for every WordPress theme, but we’ve taken it a step further. MyHome aids Google in understanding your content by using optimal headers and archive pages, which automatically generate new unique pages for your website. MyHome also fully supports the Yoast plugin, which will increase your SEO rankings.

Blog Options: Create attractive blog pages without the need for any other plugins. MyHome already has everything you need to get started blogging.

Social Button Integration: MyHome offers the Premium Easy Social Share Button plugin for free. This plugin is installed on over 300,000 websites, has over 40 button designs, and integrates over 40 of the most prominent social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and many more.

Bundled Plugins: We think that more is more. As a result, our bundle includes Revolution Slider, WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer), Ultimate Addons, Easy Social Share Buttons, and Advanced Custom Fields PRO. More information about bundle plugins may be found here.

Plugins Supported: MyHome is high-quality code that works well with the majority of popular plugins. Yoast, W3 Total Cache, and Contact Form 7 are all fully supported.

Lifetime Free Updates: Exactly what it says: even after your support subscription has ended, you will continue to get free updates to your MyHome theme.

Extensive Knowledge Base: In addition to assistance from our in-house staff, our extensive FAQs help customers who require rapid answers to their questions. Please go here.

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