POCO F5 Pro will get HyperOS update soon

POCO F5 Pro is the latest POCO F series smartphone from POCO. It packs a powerful Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor and a 120Hz AMOLED panel. With Xiaomi’s announcement of HyperOS, it was a matter of curiosity when the HyperOS update will arrive. While users are impatiently waiting for HyperOS, an important development is underway. POCO F5 Pro HyperOS update is now ready and will be rolled out soon. You should already be very excited. If you are wondering when the new update will be coming, keep reading!

POCO F5 Pro HyperOS Update

POCO F5 Pro was unveiled in 2023 and everyone knows this smartphone very well. The impressive innovations of HyperOS have attracted a lot of attention and people are asking what improvements the new update will bring. HyperOS update is being tested internally by Xiaomi. You must be wondering when POCO F5 Pro will get the HyperOS update. Now we come to you with excellent news. Now, HyperOS update for POCO F5 Pro is ready and will be rolling out to users soon.

POCO F5 Pro’s last internal HyperOS build is OS1.0.2.0.UMNEUXM. The update is now completely prepared and coming soon. HyperOS is a user interface based on Android 14. POCO F5 Pro will receive Android 14 based HyperOS update. With this, the first major Android update will be released to the smartphone. So when will the POCO F5 Pro receive the HyperOS update? The POCO F5 Pro will receive the HyperOS update by the “Beginning of January” at the latest. Please wait patiently. The update is expected to be rolled out to POCO HyperOS Pilot Testers first.

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