Rockstar Games insider hints at GTA 6 release in early 2025, sparks excitement among fans

In the ever-growing debate over GTA 6 release date, the gaming community is abuzz with excitement as the possibility of an early 2025 launch gains traction. Despite Rockstar Games maintaining a tight-lipped stance on the matter, a recent report by Jason Schreier has rekindled discussions among eager fans.

Speculation about a release window in early 2025 began swirling among enthusiasts shortly after the trailer dropped. Fueling the fire, Rockstar Games insider Ben, known as @videotechuk_ on their X profile, has lent credibility to these speculations. The gaming community, which has patiently awaited a new GTA title for over a decade, is now electrified by the prospect, Sportskeeda reported.

On February 29, 2024, Ben shared some insights, suggesting that the rumours of an early 2025 GTA 6 release date might indeed hold true. However, the anticipation comes with a caveat- fans will need to exercise patience until Take-Two Interactive’s (Rockstar Games’ parent company) upcoming Earning Call Meeting in May 2024. It is during this event that the company may unveil its plans for the much-anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6.

Final Stages of Development

The groundwork for the speculation was laid when Jason Schreier disclosed Rockstar Games’ plans to summon its employees back to the office to finalize the development of GTA 6. According to Schreier’s report, the game is entering its final stages of development, though a specific release date remains undisclosed. The void of information has led fans to fill it with the optimistic belief that the game might hit the shelves in early 2025.

Fans Express Optimism and Concern

In response to Ben’s statement, users on social media chimed in with their thoughts. @nano1776 expressed concern that any delay beyond 2025 would be unacceptable, while @reece_us found the prospect of an early 2025 release more plausible. User JR (@SouthBeachJB) weighed in, suggesting that the studio should take no more than 12 months to polish the upcoming game.

However, scepticism looms among some fans who fear that Grand Theft Auto 6 could face further delays. Take-Two Interactive had previously asserted that GTA 6 was in the development pipeline and would be released once optimisation was complete. The gaming community is now left to navigate the suspenseful waiting game until May 2024 for potential confirmation of the much-anticipated release.

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