Take a look at what HyperOS really is

Xiaomi shocked everyone with its announcement of HyperOS, though you might be wondering what the interface really is. The smartphone manufacturer made a change that no one expected and renamed MIUI 15 to HyperOS. Users are considering the reasons behind this name change. Although some rumors have surfaced that MIUI is completely dead, there is no truth to them and these HyperOS versions actually represent MIUI 15. With the name change decided in September, the brand misled all its users.

What is HyperOS really?

HyperOS is actually an MIUI 15 and has many customizations. This interface is based on Android 14, which makes it even better. The impressive optimizations of the Android operating system combine with MIUI 15 to create a stable, fast, and smooth user interface. Now in this article we will focus on what HyperOS really is.

Xiaomi had prepared the first HyperOS builds as MIUI-V15.0.0.1.UXXCNXM. A few days after these builds were leaked by Xiaomiui, the version numbers were renamed to HyperOS-V816. However, this move by the device manufacturer did not go unnoticed by us. We are very careful and check everything. V816 means “16.8.2010”. This marks the anniversary of MIUI. The first version of MIUI was released on August 16, 2010.

This information is from the official Xiaomi server, so it is reliable. Users don’t know that while they were waiting for HyperOS, they were actually waiting for MIUI 15. Xiaomi’s next interface will represent MIUI 16 in Xiaomi HyperOS 2.0. The MIUI 16 Beta tests have not started yet, and MIUI 16’s tests are expected to start internally from April.

Xiaomi HyperOS also includes many MIUI 15 codelines in the system. All this confirms the existence of MIUI 15. But has this name change been beneficial for Xiaomi? Yes, users believe that this is an operating system because of the “OS” suffix.

This interface is now called the operating system for people, cars, and homes. Xiaomi’s Vela plugin, added with HyperOS, facilitates the connection between ecosystem products. But that doesn’t mean that Xiaomi HyperOS is an operating system. It’s totally different from Huawei’s HarmonyOS.

We have detailed that HyperOS is MIUI 15. MIUI 15 is really stable compared to the previous MIUI interface. App launch animations have been redesigned and smoothness has been maximized. Many new features coming with the new MIUI surprise users. Android 14’s one of the announced features, improved lock screen customizations, has also been added to MIUI 15.

We hope MIUI 16 will be at the top level of optimization and all users will enjoy using MIUI 16. Xiaomi HyperOS 2.0 will be launched with the Xiaomi 15 series.

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