Tisca Chopra’s advice for budding writers: Fix a place, fix a time, and write every single day

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While Tisca Chopra is a popular name in the Indian film industry, did you know that the talented actress is also an author? Tisca has authored two books so far, namely: ‘Acting Smart: Your Ticket To Showbiz’ and more recently ‘What’s Up With Me?’. And so, Tisca Chopra was one of the esteemed jury member of AutHer Awards 2024 in Best Debut category, along with Chef Shipra Khanna and author Nikesh Murali.For the unversed, the AutHer Aawards is a joint initiative between JK Paper and The Times of India and it is given annually to the best Indian women writers for their exceptional works in different categories.
Tisca Chopra was in the national capital for AutHer Awards 2024’s gala award ceremony. We caught up with her for a candid interview on all things books. Excerpts from the interview:
1. Who is your favorite woman author?
My favourite woman author is Jhumpa Lahiri. I like all of her books, ‘The Namesake’ in particular. They are simply outstanding.
2. One self-help book that helped you transform your life
‘Conversations with a Spirit : Between Life and Death’ by Dolores Cannon.
3. Describe AutHer Award in one word
4. A book you wish you had written
I don’t depend too much on wishing. If I wish to do something, I do it.
5. One advice you would give to budding authors?
Fix a place, fix a time, sit in a chair, open your laptop or your diary, and write every single day. Something not so good can be made better, but nothing can be made out of nothing.
6. What are your tips to raise a reader?
Kids are baby monkeys; they follow their parents. So if they see their parents watching TV, or looking into their phone or their tablet all day, then that’s what they’ll want to do. So parents need to read for kids to read. We, in our house, are trying very hard to make a habit to read half-an-hour everyday. My husband reads a few pages, then my daughter reads a few pages, and then I read a few pages.
7. What’s your mantra to stay positive?
Many things… Anything that doesn’t kill you, makes you grow.

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