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v1.2.6.3 Theratio Architecture & Interior Design Elementor Free Download

Every architect and interior designer understands the profound importance of a well-structured, aesthetically pleasing design. This principle holds not only for physical spaces but extends to their digital counterparts as well. Theratio Architecture & Interior Design Elementor Nulled emerges as a beacon in this realm, serving as a meticulous design tool catered for professionals in architecture and interior design, harnessing the power of Elementor.

Theratio is a WordPress theme crafted specifically for professionals and businesses in the fields of architecture and interior design. Merging the intuitive capabilities of Elementor with the specific needs of design professionals, this theme ensures that their digital presence mirrors the elegance, precision, and sophistication inherent in their work.


  1. Profession-Specific Demos:
    Recognizing the diverse needs of the design world, Theratio offers multiple demo layouts. Whether it’s for an architectural firm, an independent interior designer, or a design portfolio, there’s a layout that resonates.
  2. Drag & Drop with Elementor:
    Harnessing the user-friendly interface of Elementor, Theratio Nulled allows for easy customization. Elements can be moved, resized, and edited with simple drag and drop actions, requiring no coding expertise.
  3. Responsive Design:
    The beauty of a design should not be constrained by device limitations. Theratio ensures a seamless viewing experience across devices, from desktops to mobiles.
  4. Retina Ready:
    With a focus on visuals, Theratio ensures high-definition displays are utilized to their full potential. Every image, icon, and layout element is sharp, clear, and vibrant on retina screens.
  5. Customizable Fonts and Colors:
    Branding consistency is integral. Theratio provides an extensive range of Google fonts and a customizable color palette to ensure your website aligns with your brand’s aesthetic.
  6. Pre-built Inner Pages:
    From portfolios to service pages, from team introductions to contact forms, Theratio comes equipped with a multitude of pre-designed inner pages, speeding up the site-building process.
  7. Smooth CSS3 Animations:
    Engage visitors with subtle animations. Elements slide, fade, or pop, enhancing user interaction without overwhelming them.
  8. SEO Optimized:
    Beyond aesthetics, Theratio ensures your site ranks well on search engines. With clean coding and optimization, visibility is a given.
  9. 1-Click Demo Import:
    Time is of the essence. With the 1-click demo import, you can have your website up and running in no time, ready to be tailored to your specific needs.
  10. Comprehensive Documentation & Support:
    Embarking on the journey with Theratio, users are never alone. Comprehensive documentation guides every step, and a dedicated support team ensures any queries or issues are promptly addressed.

Theratio is not merely a digital tool; it’s an extension of the architectural and interior design ethos. It acknowledges that professionals in these fields are creators, visionaries, and artists. Their digital space, therefore, should be a canvas that adequately represents their skills, passion, and vision.

By integrating with Elementor, one of the most intuitive WordPress builders, Theratio Architecture & Interior Design Elementor Free Download ensures that crafting this digital canvas is a process filled with ease, creativity, and precision. Every feature, from responsive design to SEO optimization, from customizable fonts to CSS3 animations, has been curated with the architect and interior designer in mind.

Furthermore, Theratio’s commitment to its users is evident in its comprehensive documentation and unwavering support. Every challenge, whether it’s a design tweak or a technical glitch, is addressed, ensuring that professionals can focus on showcasing their work without being bogged down by website management.

In the vast realm of WordPress themes, Theratio stands out, not because of its extensive features or its user-friendly interface, but because of its understanding. It recognizes the heart, soul, and meticulous attention to detail that goes into architectural and interior design. It then provides a platform worthy of showcasing such mastery.

Choosing Theratio is not just opting for a theme; it’s making a statement. It’s about proclaiming that in the world of design, every line, every shade, every texture matters, be it in a living room or a webpage. With Theratio, the digital realm becomes an architectural masterpiece, a space that invites, intrigues, and inspires.

Changelog: Theratio – Architecture & Interior Design Elementor WordPress Theme

Version – 04 March 2024

  • Updated: Theme compatible with Elementor 3.19.x
  • Fixed: Minor fixes CSS code.
  • Files Updated: style.css
    Version – 11 January, 2024
  • Updated: Revolution Slider latest version 6.6.20
  • Updated: Theme compatible with Elementor 3.18.x
  • Improved: Enables default language and translation management for ‘ot_header_builders’, ‘ot_footer_builders’ in Polylang
  • Files Updated: plugin-requires.php, elementor.php, style.css
    Version – 15 November 2023
  • Updated: Revolution Slider latest version 6.6.18
  • Updated: Theme compatible with Elementor version 3.17.x
  • Files Updated: plugin-requires.php, style.css
    Version 1.2.6 – 03 October 2023
  • Updated: Revolution Slider latest version 6.6.16
  • Updated: Theme compatible with Elementor version 3.16.x
  • Added: Add option select Heading HTML Tag into some widgets Elementor.
  • Fixed: Error Isotope layout in Firefox browser
  • Files Updated: plugin-requires.php, counter.php, features-box.php, flip-box.php, heading.php, icon-box-1.php, icon-box-2.php, icon-box-3.php,
    image-box-2.php, service-box.php, elementor.js, style.css
    Version – 07 August 2023
  • Updated: Revolution Slider latest version 6.6.15
  • Updated: Theme compatible with Elementor version 3.15.1
  • Updated: RTL for Site Navigation
  • Added: Add custom active CSS for the parent menu
  • Fixed: Error slider swiper when using fade effect.
  • Fixed: Portfolio load more showing non-published articles
  • Fixed: Minor fixes CSS code.
  • Files Updated: plugin-requires.php, customizer.php, header-widgets/menu.php, elementor.js, myloadmore.js, rtl.css, style.css
    Version – 13 June 2023
  • Updated: Slider Revolution 6.6.14
  • Fixed: Fixed a few minor bugs.
  • Files Updated: plugin-requires.php, style.css
    Version 1.2.5 – 17 April 2023
  • Updated: Slider Revolution 6.6.12
  • Updated: Theme compatible with Swiper library v8.45
  • Updated: RTL CSS file.
  • Added: New option to disable the side panel for the site.
  • Files Updated: style.css, plugin-requires.php, rtl.css, customizer.php, content-header.php, elementor-widgets/*-carousel.php
    Version 1.2.4 – 17 January 2023
  • Updated: Theme compatible with Elementor 3.10.0
  • Added: Add a new option to change the item active default for the Theratio Accordions widget element.
  • Files Updated: style.css, elementor.php, elementor-widgets/.php, elementor-widgets/header/.php

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