Vast Sports World Cup: Phillips: I didn’t play as much as last year’s European Cup, a little frustrated 2022

News on December 9 At 03:00 on December 11, Vast Sports World Cup Beijing time, in the 1/8 finals of the World Cup in Qatar, England will usher in a match with France. Before the game, England midfielder Phillips attended the team’s press conference, where he talked about himself and the team.

Vast Sports World Cup On playing against France

“Although I don’t think I will be able to play in these games, with the hard work I have done, I have the opportunity to be involved in the team and hope to play against France. It’s an exciting game, I think it’s going to be a tough game, everyone wants to play and tries to support them if they don’t, if you’re lucky enough to play, hopefully, it will be good enough.

“I believe there have been several injuries in the past year or two, as well as a previous shoulder issue. There is, then, a slight possibility that I will be able to participate, but I’ll be prepared for it.

is it a World Cup little frustrating on the bench?

Vast Sports World Cup Phillips didn't play as much as last year's European Cup a little frustrated
Vast Sports World Cup Phillips didn’t play as much as last year’s European Cup a little frustrated

I don’t play as much, which may be discouraging, but when you see the guys playing in front of me and how well they play, I really can’t disagree with that. I have to keep practising and making sure I get fitter and when I get out there, try to have an impression and be as consistent as possible.

“It’s not that I’ve played that many games at the Euros, it’s more that I just want to play as many minutes as possible. Whether I play or who plays – we’re really good friends – we all know we Will do anything we can for the team, and then we’ll do it.”

“If one player can’t do it, the other player will try to do it. It’s frustrating that I don’t play as much as I did in World Cup Euros. I just remind myself that after the surgery I have After a long period of rehab, I’m still working on strengthening my health (“It’s frustrating that I’ve not played as many minutes as in the Euros. I just remind myself that I have come very far to be in this position after the operation and I am still trying to build up my fitness now). “

About Rice World Cup

“I believe he’s fit, he’s back in training, he’s in good shape.”

On Sterling’s return World Cup

“It will be a huge step up for us, Raheem is a fantastic player. It’s a shame he had to fly home to deal with what happened – we’re glad he’s doing well and he can rejoin us for the tournament We are looking forward to his return for this game.”

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On playing against France World Cup

“It’s a big game, a very exciting game and it’s going to be a very difficult game. In this situation, every player wants to play and if you’re not playing then you’re just Doing your best to support the boys and when you finally get involved, hopefully, you play well.”

About Southgate World Cup

England star Phillips reveals gym accident almost scuppered World Cup dream; praises Walker
England star Phillips reveals gym accident almost scuppered World Cup dream; praises Walker

“I think people underestimate how good Southgate is as a manager. I’ve been in England for the last three years and he’s been fantastic, he’s done a great job.”

“We haven’t had a great year this summer but you can put it down to a lot of different reasons. We can see what he does with this team and how he develops this team to win games and To be one of the best countries in the world.”

“People don’t give him enough credit. He has a lot of tough decisions to make, unbelievable players on the bench.”

talk walker

“Walker is the fastest player I’ve ever seen, a lot of people ask how fast he is, it’s beyond words. You can watch him 1v1 on the training ground with a really fast guy and you’ll know … If anyone can stop Mbappe, it’s Walker, he’s probably the only defender faster than Mbappe.”

About the World Cup defeat in last year’s European Cup final

“After the Euros, the manager was very proud of us, he didn’t feel that what we did was wrong because he was happy with what we’ve done, how far we’ve come. And I think the
next few were obvious…if we obviously weren’t in that game, but we were after how we could be a better team and how we could punish the opponent more.

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“Now I think when you look at these results, you know, this World Cup and how well we’ve done, you know, it feels like we’ve accepted that loss and we’re learning to be a better team The team, the more offensive team, was very solid defensively.”

“I believe we’re stronger as a team, we’re much better now as a team going forward and defending. So, you know, I believe the confidence is … is running for us and we’re very confident in the next Going out for a few days, you know, hoping to beat France.”

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