Vivo markets X Fold3 series as mobile productivity devices

Vivo has finally shared more details about the X Fold3 series, which is expected to debut in China next week. Interestingly, the company is not only marketing the said smartphones as powerful thin devices but also tools for productivity.

On Sunday, Jia Jingdong, the vice president of branding at Vivo, not only the official photos of the X Fold3 series but also a few of its details. According to the executive, the series will employ Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and will be deemed “the thinnest and lightest heavyweight ‘big folding machine king.’”

Those things, nonetheless, are not the only highlights of Jingdong’s revelation. In his recent post on the Chinese platform Weibo, the executive also boasted about the series’ productivity capabilities, which should allow it to complement Windows and Mac devices.

Vivo X Fold3 with macOS interface

The revelation confirms an earlier leak showing the X Fold3 series displaying a macOS interface. The leak and its authenticity were later corroborated by another tipster. Now, Jingdong has verified the matter. According to the executive, users can launch productivity applications on X Fold3 “with one click” and “no extra software … installed” and even remotely control their Mac using the X Fold3.

“Whether it is a Windows computer or an Apple Mac computer, whether it is Microsoft’s Office family, Apple’s Pages, Keynote, and professional CAD, Xmind, and other formats, you can open it with one click in the X Fold3 series,” Jingdong’s translated post on Weibo reads. “No extra software needs to be installed. The X Fold3 series can remotely control Mac computers.”

It is currently unknown how the Chinese brand has made this possible, but more details about it are expected to be revealed as the series’ launch date nears.

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