Watch Kate Upton Push a Weighted Sled With Husband Justin Verlander


In particular, when it comes to her exercises with veteran trainer Ben Bruno, Kate Upton isn’t afraid of a challenge. She has worked out in the pool with him doing water resistance workouts, various trap bar deadlift variants, and single-leg hip thrusts, to mention a few of the activities they have shared online. Bruno most recently posted a flashback video of Upton allowing her husband, Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander, to join her as she pushed a sled uphill.

In the video, Upton is seen wearing pink leggings and a black tank top as he pushes Verlander up a hill on a three-wheeled sled on a residential street. “As usual, my wife pushed me about,” Verlander chuckles in the video. Upton responds, “It’s just the ball and chain dragging me down.”

Watch Kate Upton Push a Weighted Sled With Husband Justin Verlander

As Upton takes a few more steps up the hill, Verlander encourages her to keep going through their lively banter. Even her dog, Norman, appears in a cameo, abruptly entering the frame.


IN HONOR OF THE WORLD SERIES 😂 JUSTIN VERLANDER x KATE UPTON 😂 #flashbackfriday #justinverlander #kateupton #worldserieschamps

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According to the caption of his post, Bruno posted the amusing film to celebrate Verlander’s team’s trip to the Major League Baseball World Series.

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Sled pushes and pulls are excellent workouts to include in your regimen, regardless of the weight you employ to bring a sled to the ground. Brian Nguyen, Kate Hudson’s trainer, previously told Shape that they “work everything.” Additionally, he said, “it’s really wonderful for separating the legs and hips because your legs have to operate independently.” (Learn more: Why Is Unilateral Training Important and What It Is)

According to Marty Miller, DHSc, a NASM regional master instructor and the company’s vice president of education and training, adding a weighted sled push to a training regimen is a secure and efficient approach to improve both performance and general conditioning. He stated that pushing a sled forward requires you to exert a lot of effort rapidly, working your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. Additionally, your heart rate will increase.

Weighted Sled With Husband Justin Verlander

yet, it wasn’t always the case. “When I first started working out with Bruno, he would say, “Let’s load the sled with 500 pounds,” and I would reply, “I can’t do that.” He then began to stand on the sled, which made it impossible for me to tell how much weight was there “Before, Upton spoke with Shape. “Right now, my mentality has entirely changed, and I always push myself to do more.”

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One approach to push yourself to a new PR is by adding your trainer or partner to your load. If you want to follow in Upton’s footsteps, think about bringing a workout partner to your next gym session.

Weighted Sled With Husband Justin Verlander

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