Use WhatsApp on multiple devices, you don’t need to install additional apps on your secondary phone!

It’s not something new that the same Whats-App account works on different devices, you could easily share access to your account through your phone and use it on Whats-App Web or the official app made for computers and have easily your WhatsApp on multiple devices.

WhatsApp on multiple devices, no need to install an additional app

So far, we have not been allowed to use WhatsApp simultaneously between mobile devices. There are third-party apps that allow you to simultaneously use the same account on multiple phones, but this also raised security concerns.

The feature that Telegram has offered for years is finally here on WhatsApp. Telegram has been making your account work on the computer and various mobile devices. The domestic chip camp is now a “dark horse”? Ali “removes the disguise”, People’s Daily: Abandon all illusions

You can currently use your account on up to 4 devices at once with WhatsApp, which supports multi-device usage. You can access your account from many devices, but a lot of people aren’t aware this feature exists. Here’s how you can link your device to another Android smartphone/tablet.

This screen appears when you first install Whats-App and asks for your phone number; however, if you enter the number on your backup device, WhatsApp logs you out of your main smartphone. To link the phone, click on the three dots in the top-right corner.

In this drop-down menu, there was only the “Help” option. Select “Link a new device” from the menu that appears. Your backup phone will display a QR code. Use your primary phone to scan the QR code when it appears. Xiaomi 2022 Annual Results Beyond Market Estimates!

WhatsApp has provided extremely basic instructions as well. On your primary device, go to Whats-app settings, tap Linked devices, and then scan the QR code that appears on your secondary device.

Now you are all set! You can enjoy using Whats-App on your multiple mobile devices. Whats-App could have kept the device pairing menu in a more prominent section, but this is how WhatsApp is currently designed.

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