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Wilcity nulled theme 1.4.52 Free Download

The WilCity nulled theme is now available.
Wilcity is an advertising and directory WordPress template for creating any form of directory website, from advertisement websites such to Wall and Trumpet to hotel, restaurant, and real estate reservation websites, and so on. With the Wheel City template, you can create an ad site in minutes.

WilCity is without a doubt one of the most powerful and professional WordPress directory and service themes available. With this site template’s very sophisticated features, you may construct a limitless number of directories. For example, you may include advertisements, hotels, restaurants, properties, and so on, and each of these directories can have various categories with independent and unique designs. You may create a website that looks like the wall with this template.

WilCity nulled theme template has three professional page builders:

Elementor plugin, Visual Composer plugin, and King Composer page builder. So you may use one of these page builders of your choosing to create unique pages. Build your own website. As a result, you will have complete control over everything, unlike in other formats.

WilCity template is totally responsive and suitable with all platforms, including mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs, and so on. It will appear beautifully on these devices, ensuring that your users are pleased and appreciate the look of your website.

  • Features of the Wilcity nulled theme:

WilCity template has a special tool that allows you to create infinite types of directories and have all kinds of ads on your site. for example, you can add ads, hotels, restaurants, properties, and… create and have different fields for each type of directory for the add page, directory display page, search page, view page, and its tabs.

Customising the ad screen:

You may choose which portions of the ad screen to display by dragging and dropping Will City tools. To speed up the design process, you may just duplicate the required areas.

  • Making money from the internet in a variety of ways:

Paid advertisements:

Advertisers may purchase your subscription plans and packages by registering on your website to transmit their advertisements; each of these packages offers various benefits.


Advertisers may choose and purchase advertising rates to show their ad in certain areas of your website and at the top of the search results page.

Earning money from ad requests:

You may build an ad on your website and enable the ad’s owner to request it.

Ad submission template customization:

You may create and customise all aspects of any form of ad submission in real time. On the ad submission page, you may choose from 15 pre-made fields or build an endless number of custom fields.

Advertising, specialised advertising:

Ad owners may display their ad in particular parts of your site and at the top of the search results page by selecting an advertising plan.

Advanced review and note-taking:

A directory website’s review component is critical, and ads should be reviewed by users based on information. For example, how excellent is this hotel’s service? Should we award 7 or 10 points, and how about the hotel atmosphere? The Will City template allows you to quickly add all sorts of data for the review area.

Advanced search engine with many filters:

In WilCity, you may customise the search page with several criteria. All of these filters are pre-made, and you just drag and drop them into your search page.

Map layouts featuring eye-catching features:

In the website directory, map layout is a critical task.

We added a new feature to the map page:

the ability to search while navigating the map. If this option is enabled, When you navigate the map to the appropriate location, the list of ads is instantly updated.

The shop’s capacity to work with several vendors:

In addition to placing ads, advertisers may add their items to the site through their sellers’ panel. You may make money by receiving a set or monthly commission on the sale of these items.

Displaying categories and positions:

You may display the positions or categories of your website ads in a stylish and distinctive manner on various pages. We also have a variety of choices, such as the number of spots or categories in each row and the order in which we have given you the most classes possible.

Customization of list display and ad grid items:

just enter the phone number, Google address, email address, and any other information you wish to show in the grid display or ad list.

Professional client and advertiser dashboard:

Advertisers and customers may have complete control of their earnings from advertising banners, reactions to messages, analytics of visitors, favourites, subscription packages to Review, and…

WilCity is a completely responsive theme that works on all devices, including mobile and tablets.

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