Xiaomi 2022 Annual Results Beyond Market Estimates!

An important analysis report was shared about Xiaomi’s 2022 annual results, and an article published by contains quite important explanations. Leading the market with its innovative products in every field, Xiaomi’s annual financial performance in 2022 is higher than expected, and its net profit reached ¥8.5 billion.

In midst of the global crisis in 2022, Xiaomi achieved total revenue of ¥280 billion by continuously improving its efficiency with its strong strategic moves.

Xiaomi Emerges from Global Crises Even Stronger

According to Canalys, maintained its 3rd position in the global smartphone market with 150.5 million units shipped in 2022. Xiaomi-market share in smartphone shipments in 2022 ranked among the top 3 & top 5 in 54 countries/regions. Is it possible for the first frozen person in 1967 to be resurrected?

Also, global smartphone shipments around the world have been affected by global crises. However, Xiaomi-has managed to effectively isolate its business from single-market risks by having an excellent sales and marketing structure. As a result, it demonstrated its long-term and sustainable competitiveness by posting revenues of ¥167.2 billion year-on-year. The average selling price of its smartphones has increased for four consecutive years, reaching ¥1111.

Xiaomi 2022 Annual Results Beyond Market Estimates!
Xiaomi-2022 Annual Results Beyond Market Estimates!

Xiaomi-has increased both sales volume and reputation with the launch of several models in cooperation with Leica. The debut of the blockbuster Xiaomi-13 series has been well-received in the market. In China, Xiaomi-13 series achieved the #1 smartphone market share among Android vendors in the ¥4,000 – ¥6,000 price segment for 7 consecutive weeks. The domestic chip camp is now a “dark horse”? Ali “removes the disguise”, People’s Daily: Abandon all illusions

Moreover, the Redmi sub-brand continues to strengthen its position in the mass market. In December 2022, Redmi launched the Redmi K60 series, its first model with wireless charging technology. The entire Redmi K60 series is powered by Snapdragon flagship chipsets and has sold over 300,000 units within the first 5 minutes of its launch.

In addition, Xiaomi has announced several exciting new technology developments at its MWC 2023 event, including 300W, wired fast charging technology solid-state battery technology, and Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition.

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In short, Xiaomi will continue to grow financially as it tries to create new products and innovate. You can learn more about the research here. Stay tuned for more.

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