Aevo Launches Incentive Program to Boost Trading and Staking

Aevo introduces a trading and staking incentive program, offering enhanced $AEVO earnings for active participants over a four-month period.

Aevo has unveiled a comprehensive incentive program targeting traders and stakeholders of its native tokens $AEVO and $RBN. Following the token generation event (TGE) on March 13, 2024, which saw the first airdrop of $AEVO, the platform has initiated a four-month campaign designed to reward participants and solidify its position in the competitive crypto market.

The Incentive Structure

Aevo’s program fosters an engaging environment for both traders and stakers by offering additional $AEVO tokens as rewards. Traders can increase their $AEVO earnings by engaging in perpetual futures or options trades on Aevo’s platform. The rewards are calculated based on a ‘boosted volume’ formula, which includes the trade order value multiplied by a combination of base and lucky farm boosts.

Each week, known as an epoch, participants can earn a share of $AEVO emissions proportional to their boosted volume in comparison to the total boosted volume of the epoch. This model encourages consistent trading activity on the platform, with a total of 18 epochs planned.

Base and Lucky Farm Boosts

The program features two types of boosts:

Base Farm Boost: Traders automatically receive a base boost of 1x to 4x on every trade, depending on their previous 7-day trading volume. This base boost is designed to accelerate the more a user trades but will decay if trading activity ceases.

Lucky Farm Boost: Traders also have the chance to earn a rare boost ranging from 10x to 100x. The probability of receiving such a boost increases for sAEVO holders, who have twice the chance of hitting these rarity milestones.

Emissions Schedule and Claiming Rewards

Aevo’s incentive program is set to distribute a guaranteed minimum base emission of 1.1 million $AEVO weekly for trading and 200,000 $AEVO for AEVO/RBN staking. The maximum emissions cap is placed at 6.05 million and 1.1 million $AEVO, respectively. Participants will be able to claim their rewards from April 10, 2024, onwards.

Ensuring Fair Play

To maintain the integrity of the program, Aevo has put measures in place to monitor and penalize wash trading. The estimated rewards displayed in the farming UI may be subject to change after the epoch is finalized and retroactive inspections are conducted.

Empowering Community Engagement

With this initiative, Aevo aims to enhance user engagement and incentivize the community to actively participate in the platform’s growth. The incentive program serves as a strategic move to attract and retain traders and stakers, contributing to the overall health and liquidity of the Aevo ecosystem.

The Growth and Marketing Committee of Aevo has been granted the authority to make discretionary adjustments to the campaign, ensuring its effectiveness and alignment with the platform’s growth objectives.


The launch of Aevo’s trading and staking incentive program represents an innovative approach to fostering user activity and loyalty within its ecosystem. By rewarding consistent trading and staking, Aevo is setting a precedent for crypto platforms looking to enhance market engagement and strengthen their community’s commitment.

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