Pokemon’s Live-Action Netflix Series Receives an Encouragement Update (Report)

A recent report provided an encouraging update on a Netflix live-action adaptation of the Pokemon universe. It seemed inevitable that Pokemon would receive a similar treatment when Hollywood jumped on the video game adaptation bandwagon with films like The Last of Us and The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

One of the most well-known pop culture franchises ever is Nintendo’s vintage monster-collecting series. With the live-action Detective Pikachu movie from 2019, the series had its live-action debut, but nothing has been said about it since. That is, until Netflix’s live-action adaptation of the series, which has been in production at least since June 2021, was made public (via Variety).

A Netflix Pokemon Update

Pokemon’s Live-Action Netflix Series Receives an Encouragement Update (Report)
Pokemon’s Live-Action Netflix Series Receives an Encouragement Update (Report)

According to popular movie pundit Kristian Harloff, Netflix is in the process of “going from development to pre-production” on a live-action Pokemon series. MCU Actor Shares Disappointment In Captain America Role 

Harloff tweeted that the streamer sees the project as their next flagship title after Stranger Things comes to an end with its upcoming fifth season:

“According to what I’ve heard, Netflix is considering moving a live-action Pokemon series from development to pre-production. After “Stranger Things,” it is anticipated to become their next flagship. This is also the reason Ash’s anime narrative came to an end.”

This follows the 25-year retirement of Ash Ketchum as the main character of the Pokemon anime in a farewell season dubbed Pokemon Ultimate Journey: The Series.

A new anime from the franchise is on the way with entirely new heroes, following Ash’s departure from the story. Star Wars Exact TIME of Movie & TV Panels In 2023

What To Expect in a Live-action Pokemon Series

While it still remains unclear when Netflix’s live-action Pokemon will debut, this is an exciting update if it proves to be true. 

The streamer will be seeking that next big star to attract fans as Stranger Things comes to an end soon. For some, the impending Avatar: The Last Airbender adaptation could have been that, but it appears Pokemon might top that.

And it is logical. One of the greatest names in entertainment is Pokemon, and during the past several years, Netflix has sort of taken on the role of the show’s home (at least in the United States). In recent times, Netflix has been the only place to see new seasons of the Pokemon anime. Soon, a new stop-motion show called Pokemon Concierge will also be available on the streaming service.

So, a live-action adaptation at Netflix feels like the logical next step and something that could be a massive hit.  One Thing James Gunn Wants to Avoid With His Reboot Film

It is interesting that Harloff mentioned this move could be the reason for “Ash’s story in the anime [coming] to an end.” Does this means Netflix has plans to adapt the adventures of Ash and Pikachu, as they attempt to become “the very best like no one ever was?” 

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If that is the case, It would not be the first 1-to-1 anime adaptation to hit the service. 

Pokemon's Live-Action

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