All about ‘The Latte Dress’ trend’; A sensation from the streets

Fashion trends are constantly changing with celebrities and fashion weeks inspiring the streets and people to adopt the new trends from time to time. From sheer clothing to baggy jeans, we saw 2023 adopt tons of expression and experimentation in the fashion industry. Fashion weeks play a major role in defining the coming season, blending various styles, and introducing new ones.However, the recent those that has caught the attention of several fashionistas is the latte dressing trend. A combination of brown hues paired with chocolate bronzers and cinnamon lip liners, the combination of mocha staples uplifted the word ‘perfection’ in the fashion world.

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The latte dressing trend mainly comes in shades of brown, a subtle mix of cinnamon, chocolate, and bronzers, which followed the quiet luxury fashion trend we all witnessed this year. However, the trend was primarily introduced on TikTok to the world, making its way to the fashion weeks. More earthy colors in the shades of tan and brown are seen in this trend. Emphasizing neutral tones, it creates a sophisticated and subdued look. In a nutshell, it’s like dressing like your beloved cup of coffee!


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A sheer departure from the traditional black-centric street style was witnessed, with people shifting towards more earthy and warmer tones. The trend embodies quiet luxury, embracing versatility and subtlety in the fashion world. Therefore, if you wish to try the shade, then explore the palette of brown, which looks chic and aesthetically pleasing.

The name of the trend is derived from a morning cup of coffee. The term mainly comes from the Italian ‘caffe latte’ which means coffee and milk. The trend is all about embracing shades of taupe, beige, brown, cream, coffee, caramel, chocolate, to latte. The shades of brown always give you confidence within yourself, while embracing the warm and rich shades of brown. The beauty of this trend lies in its subtleness and delivers the warmth of a hot cup of coffee.

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