Angelina Jolie Fashion Debut: Angelina Jolie made her designing debut at Oscars 2024 and nobody noticed |

Angelina Jolie marked her debut as a fashion designer with a remarkable presence on the Oscars red carpet, despite not being physically present herself. The renowned actress, who recently unveiled her fashion line and retail space, Atelier Jolie, showcased her creative prowess at the Academy Awards. For this momentous occasion, she chose writer and journalist Suleika Jaouad to don the inaugural Jolie design.
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The exquisite gown, crafted from intricately pleated fabric in a captivating stormy grey shade, captivated onlookers.The ensemble featured elegant cape sleeves, a flattering high-waisted skirt, and a striking train adorned with an illustration in graphite-black, masterfully created by artist Chaz Guest.
During a red-carpet interview with Canadian entertainment outlet Etalk, Jaouad expressed her gratitude for the opportunity, revealing the collaborative effort behind the dress’s design. “This dress was designed by the one-and-only Angelina Jolie,” she exclaimed. “Her first venture into red-carpet fashion, and she enlisted the incredible artist Chaz Guest to adorn the back with his mesmerizing artwork.”
Jaouad, known for her appearance in husband Jon Batiste’s Oscar-nominated documentary “American Symphony,” highlighted a significant figure within the illustrated scene. “Right here, we have Mr. Batiste,” she pointed out.

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In a statement, Jolie elaborated on her decision to dress Jaouad, emphasizing her admiration for the writer’s resilience and creativity. “I hold deep admiration for Suleika and her approach to life—her ability to confront challenges with both strength and grace,” Jolie remarked. “She is a radiant force of creativity that inspires all those around her. Dressing her for this occasion is an honor; it’s not just about the attire, but about how the garment becomes an extension of the individual.”

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In a December 2023 interview with a leading magazine, Jolie shed light on the ethos of Atelier Jolie, emphasizing its commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. “We strive to demonstrate that an ethical and sustainable lifestyle doesn’t equate to compromise; rather, it embodies a higher quality of life, centered around personal creativity and community,” she elucidated.

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