Bithumb Lists Civic (CVC) and HUNT in Korean Won Markets

Bithumb, a leading virtual asset platform, has announced the addition of Civic (CVC) and HUNT tokens to its Korean Won trading market.

Bithumb, South Korea’s top virtual asset exchange, has broadened its market by adding Civic (CVC) and HUNT tokens to its Won trading pairs. This strategic development, announced on March 14, 2024, is a nod to the growing demand for diverse cryptocurrencies and the importance of blockchain technology in digital identity verification and decentralized applications.

Understanding Civic (CVC) and HUNT

Civic (CVC) operates on the Ethereum network and offers a blockchain-based solution for secure and low-cost digital identity verification. CVC is the ecosystem’s utility token and plays a critical role in facilitating transactions and rewarding participants within the platform.

On the other hand, HUNT is a token that serves a platform designed for Web3 users to share development resources and utilize useful tools. This community-centric approach encourages collaboration and growth in the decentralized application space. HUNT serves as the utility token within this ecosystem, used for transaction fees and other services.

Investment and Trading Notices

Bithumb has emphasized the importance of caution when investing in virtual assets, reminding users that these are high-risk products with the potential for partial or total loss of investment capital. In line with security and compliance measures, new traders may face restrictions on deposits and withdrawals, account blocking, and additional verification processes.

Trading Restrictions Imposed for New Listings

To ensure a safe trading environment, Bithumb has set specific restrictions for new listings. For the first five minutes after trading commences, buy orders will be limited, and sell orders are restricted to within 10% below or 100% above the reference price. Additionally, automated orders will only become available after the first trade execution.

Compliance with Travel Rule

In adherence to the Travel Rule, Bithumb only supports deposits and withdrawals with other recognized virtual asset service providers. Users are advised to be cautious, as non-compliance with designated trade restrictions can lead to account limitations as per the terms of service.

Deposit and Withdrawal Precautions

Bithumb reminds users to check the address format and network type on the deposit screen carefully to avoid the mishandling of virtual assets. They also provide guidance on their policy for handling incorrectly deposited assets.


The addition of CVC and HUNT to the Bithumb platform reflects the exchange’s commitment to offering a diverse range of virtual assets to its users, catering to the evolving interests and needs of the crypto community. As the market for blockchain-based services grows, Bithumb continues to position itself as a leader in the virtual asset exchange space.

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