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The Most Classic Template

I’m a new blogger into the world of the arts.

Early this year, I decided to purchase my own domain name to formally present my personal blogs.

Aside from creating my own original blogging content, I was on a ceaseless search to find a classic website template that would be suitable for my blogging work.

I have to say, I can be quite picky when it comes to personally choosing something of aesthetic value as my final presentation.

The amount of searches, downloads and testing of new templates online for my new website were endless for me, but it was totally worth it when I found this template.

I started out by downloading the free version of Cihuatl.

This free template is really nice, but the paid version is much better if you’re looking for a final professional product with all the good features. I found the template to be ideal for what I’m trying to create.

First, I didn’t know what to expect after purchasing the template, but I end up being impressed with the quality and service that I got.

There were only a few points that I needed help tweak in the format of the template, so it could smoothly work for my website.

So, I end up reaching out to Francisco for advice and support. I made sure from my part that I gave him enough details into what I was running into, so he could easily understand what was the issue.

I was amazed in how soon he replied, but not only that, he provided an updated version of this template with those exact adjustments needed to get it resolved.

The template was already great, but now, it has come down to the point where I have zero attention on this template.

As a personal note, this isn’t a paid promotion of any sort, just in case, but it’s my actual experience and feedback from purchasing this template. I’m a blogger, so I have much to say usually about things, and it’s my way to say thank you for the great service.

Also, if you like the template, but you’re finding some basic features too girly, it can be changed out for your purposes. That’s what I did personally.

If you’re busy with other things on your plate and want peace of mind, it’s better to just delegate your work and give it to a professional, so it saves you time and effort.

After getting such good service from Francisco, I realized it would have been better for me to just pay for the installation, than trying to figure it out myself.

In conclusion, I want to officially crown, Cihuatl Blogger Template, as the most classic template on for any blogger or site owner to own. But, that’s my personal opinion.

If there is any technical point that needs to be handled, Francisco is the man for you. Just reach out to him, if you have any questions.

I hope this feedback is helpful for anyone looking for templates out there.

Thank you again, Francisco, for the services and help.

Nathaniel Bernard—Art Blogger

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