GTA 6 fans fear narrative shift as Sweet Baby Inc’s involvement sparks quality concerns

GTA 6 fans are raising eyebrows amid concerns about the potential involvement of Sweet Baby Inc, a narrative development and consultation studio, in shaping the upcoming game’s storyline. The firm, known for its commitment to diversifying and enriching the video game industry, has faced criticism for creating what some gamers label as “woke” games.

Speculation surrounding Sweet Baby Inc.’s role in GTA 6 gained traction after numerous gamers expressed worries about the game taking a similar direction. These concerns were highlighted in a post on the r/GTA6_NEW subreddit, where a Reddit user questioned whether Sweet Baby Inc. would be the primary contributor to GTA 6’s narrative. The post included a screenshot indicating several game developers associated with SBI, including Rockstar Games. Notably, the image was edited, and the Rockstar Games logo was added for context, Sportskeeda reported.

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Adding to the unease, it was revealed that 2K, a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive, is listed as one of Sweet Baby Inc.’s clients. Some GTA 6 fans fear a decline in the game’s quality, especially since key figures like Lazlow and Dan Houser, integral to previous Rockstar Games titles, have left the company.

GTA 6 Controversy

The controversy surrounding Sweet Baby Inc. escalated when an employee reportedly attempted to “cancel” a Steam user named Kabrutus, who created a tracker listing games associated with the studio. Despite the limited number of major games listed on Sweet Baby Inc.’s official website, the Steam curator page suggests a more extensive involvement in various titles.

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In response, gamers rallied behind Kabrutus, prompting Valve to intervene on Steam after the user received numerous reports. Amid the controversy, rumours surfaced about the gender identity of GTA 6 protagonist Lucia, with speculation that she might be a transgender. However, industry insiders, including Jason Schreier, have only confirmed a Latina protagonist without providing details about Lucia.

It’s important for GTA 6 fans to note that, as of now, there is no concrete evidence linking Rockstar Games directly to Sweet Baby Inc, despite ongoing speculation and concerns within the gaming community.

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