GTA 6 release still ‘on schedule’ for 2025, with reports of delay being rebuffed; Know when it could come out

Ever since the GTA 6 trailer was released, fans of the gaming franchise have been speculating about the game’s several aspects, including gameplay, mechanics, character, open-world and storyline. While the tentative release date has been confirmed as 2025, a Kotaku report recently suggested that the GTA 6 release could face a delay and could launch in 2026 instead. However, a new claim by Insider Gaming’s Mike Straw rebuffs this speculation. Know all about the GTA 6 release.

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GTA 6 release

In an X post, Mike Straw claimed that the GTA 6 release is still on schedule for 2025. This he revealed after speaking with “multiple sources”. The post states, “Saying this again since people are still running with it: I’ve reached out to multiple sources and was told the game was “on schedule” and that any suggestion of a delay at this point in development is “pure conjecture”.

On March 22, Kotaku reported that the GTA 6 development was falling behind and although the company is still aiming for a 2025 release, it is possible that this window could be missed. In such a case, 2026 would be the aim. But if Mike Straw’s claims are taken into consideration, the launch could still take place in Q1 2025.

Straw’s claims corroborate a previous suggestion by Reddit user u/JarlOfRivia who, quoting insider information, suggested that the GTA 6 launch could take place in January or February 2025, which is less than a year from now. This development comes amidst speculation that the GTA 6 Trailer 2 could be on the horizon, with Rockstar Games updating a page on its website from Watch Trailer 1′ to ‘Videos’.

Which platforms will get it first?

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Even if the GTA 6 launch takes place in Q1 2025, only PlayStation and Xbox owners will likely get a chance to play it. Going by previous trends, Rockstar initially tends to release games for the consoles, with the PC version arriving months later. The same trend was seen during the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2018, with a PC version arriving in 2019. Thus, it could be possible that it continues with the GTA 6 launch as well.

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