GTA 6: Who are the protagonists of the next Grand Theft Auto game? Know details

Grand Theft Auto games have always had memorable protagonists. Be it GTA Vice City’s Thomas “Tommy” Vercetti, GTA San Andreas’ Carl “CJ” Johnson, or GTA 5’s Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, all have become iconic for playing a big role in one of the most gaming franchises of all time. As such, high hopes are pinned on GTA 6, Rockstar’s next big game, and the sequel to 2013’s GTA 5. The first GTA 6 trailer has already premiered, giving us a glimpse into the world of GTA 6, its setting, as well as the two protagonists. Yes, there will be two playable protagonists this time around! But who are they?

GTA 6: Protagonists

With the trailer, it was confirmed that GTA 6 would feature two playable protagonists, including a female protagonist for the first time in the 3D GTA universe. The two characters are Lucia, and an unnamed male character, which leaks say is named Jason. While not many details were revealed, the two characters were shown committing multiple crimes, hinting at a possible Bonnie & Clyde relationship.

When the GTA 6 trailer came out, die-hard fans began scouring the web for any possible real-world matches of the two characters. The latest focus in the quest for Lucia’s identity is on Brazilian actor Ana Esposito. Recently, a comparison video shared on ‘X’ by a source known as Dyllie showcased similarities in voice and facial features, particularly eyebrows and lips, leading fans to believe Esposito could be the one. The GTA 6 reveal trailer solidified Lucia’s status as a major character, offering glimpses into her past, including time spent in prison. Fans are eager to uncover whether this backstory will play a significant role in the game or merely serve as character development.

However, there has been no insight into the male character, which is still to be named. But with the GTA 6 release date inching closer every day, it is not long before GTA fans find the actor behind the male character in GTA 6 as well.

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