In the case of kidney deficiency, random prescriptions cannot cure the disease, and symptomatic treatment is required!

Since the middle of the past century, four generations of my family have worked in medicine. It can be deemed to belong to the Chinese medicine family. Due to the influence of my familial upbringing, I ultimately followed in my father’s generation and chose to become a doctor.

He attended a tertiary hospital and practiced medicine for several years after graduating from the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He was also well-known among patients since he did not permit every patient to spend extra money or drive the extra mile. More than 3,000 individuals with renal impairments have received my care to date. Pneumonia not caused by cold – Physician Let me demonstrate my remedy with a raspberry.

A patient who was 48 years old arrived here in February of last year. He complained of fatigue, sleeplessness, and heated hands and feet. The problem has existed for four years. His youth and ignorance are the cause.

All were OK, but recently there had been a significant trend, so I went to the doctor. Vexation, sleeplessness, dreaminess, discomfort in the knees and waist, dizziness—which is worse after urination—reddish tongue, thin, somewhat yellow fur, and a thready pulse are all symptoms In China’s Supermarkets, These 5 “Ugly Packaged” Snacks Are Nutritious & Tasty.

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Combining the aforementioned symptoms with the tongue and pulse, one may conclude that the sickness is caused by an absence of essence, an excessive amount of fire, and the loss and storage of essence.

The three techniques for energizing the kidney, bolstering the essence, and removing deficiencies in the fire are applied together.

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mother of pearl

Recipe: dried Rehmannia glutinosa, stalwart, Polygonum multiflorum, raspberry, Alisma, yam, dogwood, keel, oyster, mother of pearl, Anemarrhena, Phellodendron, Suanzaoren, Poria. Decoction in water, one dose per day.

Interpretation of compatibility:

Dried Rehmannia glutinosa nourishes yin and tonifying kidney, directly nourishing the innate foundation;

Yam, Cornus Officinalis nourishing yin and nourishing blood, nourishing the liver, spleen, and kidney;

Mother-of-pearl calming the liver and suppressing yang; Raspberry helps Yang and solidifies essence;

Rhizoma Polygonatum——Tonifying kidney qi, tonifying kidney essence, nourishing both qi and yin, treating both symptoms and root causes; combined with Poria cocos and Alisma diarrhea, it can not only clear the blood to prevent excessive nourishment and stagnation, but also clear the deficiency heat in the blood. The combination of various medicines plays the functions of nourishing yin and tonifying the kidneys, consolidating essence, stopping diarrhea, and clearing away asthenic fire.

Results: After taking 14 pairs for one month, the patient’s symptoms greatly improved. After consolidation, the symptoms were all eliminated, and the follow-up was still normal for half a year.

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In my many years of TCM practice, I have treated more than 3,000 patients with kidney deficiencies. I found that only one type of person with kidney deficiency cannot be cured. These kinds of people make random prescriptions. Grab the medicine privately!

In the end, if it doesn’t work, we can blame the doctors and Chinese medicine for not working. But any normal person knows that there are no two identical people in the world, let alone a disease?

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To give a simple example, the patient in the medical record has the same symptoms as you, but your kidney deficiency has only lasted for half a year. Do you think that the cause between the two of you will be exactly the same? Of course, they are different. 4 years of kidney deficiency The illness, which has penetrated very deeply, is far from being comparable to half a year.

In short, everyone should remember that Chinese medicine attaches great importance to syndrome differentiation and prescriptions when seeing a doctor. Everyone’s physique, age, gender, symptoms, and pathogenesis are different, and Chinese medicine prescriptions cannot be exactly the same. Therefore, even if the disease is the same, one person needs to treat the other. I hope that all patients can understand the treatment ideas of traditional Chinese medicine.

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