POCO F5 and POCO F5 Pro real-world photos have been released.

The POCO F5 and F5 Pro smartphones were said to have gained FCC certification in recent days, and now internet leaks show both devices with their individual FCC certificates. These gadgets are the POCO versions of the well-known smartphones Redmi K60 and Redmi Note 12 Turbo from Xiaomi’s sibling company Redmi.

The POCO F5 and POCO F5 Pro design are revealed in some intriguing elements by the leaked images. According to the photos, both gadgets will have a similar overall style that is sleek and contemporary. The phones’ front displays are huge with thin bezels, and their backs prominently display camera modules, indicating that they have powerful cameras.

POCO F5 Leaked Images

These are some of the POCO F5 real-world photos that have recently appeared online. The measurements of the gadget taken with a ruler are shown in the photographs, giving a peek at its general layout.

Real-world photos of the POCO F5 and POCO F5 Pro also show where the device’s hardware buttons are located, with the power button and volume rocker on the right side and the SIM card slot on the left. A speaker grille and a USB Type-C connection for charging and data transfer are located on the device’s bottom.

POCO F5 Pro Leaked Images

According to reports, real-world photos of the POCO F5 Pro also show the device’s actual size, giving a glance at its design. According to the description, the POCO F5 Pro may feature a similar overall design as the POCO F5, with a sleek and contemporary appearance, a large display, and thin bezels. A blind camera test has been conducted on cameras against those of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra.

Also, a 67W rapid charging adaptor and a USB cable are said to be included in the boxes of the POCO F5 and F5 Pro. The POCO F5 and F5 Pro’s entire package is enhanced by the inclusion of a strong charging cable and adapter in the box, which gives customers access to an immediate and simple charging option.

Also, according to the FCC certifications, the POCO F5 and F5 Pro will support several 5G bands in addition to the Chinese version, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. The gadgets may provide quick and dependable connectivity to improve user experience.

Our most recent findings state that India will likely see the launching of the POCO F5. But it’s been made clear that the POCO F5 Pro won’t be introduced in India. Use the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 as you like—as a choker or on your foot!

Our projections indicate that the POCO F5 and F5 Pro will be formally introduced between April 25 and April 27. The release of these devices is highly awaited by fans of Xiaomi and POCO because they are anticipated to deliver strong performance, cutting-edge camera features, and other cutting-edge technology that have come to be associated with Xiaomi and POCO smartphones.

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