Pokemon Unite WD Black Cup Winners

The Pokemon UNITE WD Black Cup has come to an end following some intense competition, with each player giving it their all to win. The tournament featured a total prize fund of $2000 and lasted from February 1 to 6. Team S8UL took home the title, defeating Marcos Gaming by a score of 4-2.

The first round of the competition, which determined the two winners, was played over the course of four days between the four invited teams. Six Double Round Robin matches were played for each club during the League Stage.

Pokemon Unite WD Black Cup Winners

Beginning with outstanding results, Team S8UL continued to perform consistently throughout the campaign. The team finished first by winning four of its six league contests. With a strong comeback, Check the latest Update on the return of Battlegrounds Mobile India was able to take second place and advance to the finals. It was decided to get rid of the Revenant and God’s Reign.

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Pokemon Unite WD Black Cup Winners

Team S8UL’s impressive performance

The top two teams engaged in a Bo7-style championship match on February 6. In the first round, Team S8UL played really well, exerting pressure on their rivals. Tensei scored 124 goals, had four knockouts, 12 assists, and caused 42076 damage, earning him the title of “Player of the Game.”

In the following two rounds, S8UL continued to prevail, leading Marcos Gaming 3-0. Might’s impressive performance with 208 goals, six knockouts, and 44263 damage earned him Player of the Game honors in the second game. Additionally, Cursed performed admirably in the third round.

Marcos Gaming achieved their first victory with a remarkable comeback in the fourth game, led by their star player Kyurem. Due to a good showing by Meruem in the fifth round, they also prevailed, maintaining their momentum and confidence.

However, Marcos Gaming was unable to hold off S8UL for too long and dropped both the sixth game and the championship. Gods Reign, the Pokemon UNITE India Open winner, had a dismal tournament, coming in last place in the League Stage. Third-placed Revenant Esports finished with three victories and 386 average goals.

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