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Sunny Leone, first Indian celeb with an AI avatar, doesn’t consider it a threat helobaba.com

Sunny Leone has become the first Indian celebrity to come up with her own AI avatar, and the actor admits she doesn’t look at Artificial Intelligence as a threat. Instead, she feels it is time to embrace and evolve with time.

Actor Sunny Leone will soon be seen in Kennedy
Actor Sunny Leone will soon be seen in Kennedy

Opening up about her own avatar, Leone says, “It is important that we are conscious that we are the first to do this kind of thing. There are many questions and a great deal of curiosity, and we must be responsible for answering them. We wanted to address everything, as well as make sure that it is emotionally connected in answering and detecting any sort of emotional distress from people, and that we provide them with resources to seek help if they need it, which I believe is important and my responsibility to be genuine because now we will be interacting with a massive volume of people at the same time”.

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Here, she asserts that she is not afraid to embrace the evolution of technology. “I don’t look at AI as a threat. I look at it as a new tool. Yes, we have embraced it, as we have with most technologies. We look at it as a tool to communicate on a massive scale, in a more accurate way, more time efficient manner, as well as ‌ like I said for entertainment, it’s been used for ideas and script building and concepts and shooting,” Leone tells us.

The 42-year-old adds, “It has been used in so many avenues and verticals. It is important that we understand that people still need to use AI . When people fear that AI is taking their jobs, it is that people are still utilising the technology and creating a different job sector”.

In fact, the actor feels the technology is already influencing the entertainment sector in a big way, mentioning, “The impact is that it will continue to improve and make an influence, allowing you to do more and be more efficient with your time”.

“I do believe that it opens up the possibilities for the actors’ services to extend their digital realm. It gives you the ability to communicate accurately with so many people ‌and that is what is lacking, one individual has so much time as a real person and the virtual realm has an endless amount of time and capabilities to reach anyone and everybody. So if used correctly, then yes, you can open up many new avenues and verticals,” she exclaims.

When it comes to her work, she is looking forward to the release of her film Kennedy, which has won applaud at several film festivals. She is also awaiting her Tamil cinema debut in ‘Quotation Gang’ alongside Jackie Shroff, Priyamani, and Sara Arjun.

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