Things To Do In Sweden In Summer 2024

Things To Do In Sweden In Summer 2024. Ah, the summertime! The three weeks in Sweden that we yearn for throughout the year. All humour aside, summertime in Sweden always seems to go by so quickly! For a short while, the weather is pleasant, but then the rain returns and autumn arrives swiftly. Thus, Swedes recognize the value of making the most of this short time! And this is the method.

Things To Do In Sweden In Summer 2024

Purchasing at Scandinavia’s Mall

There’s no shortage of places to satisfy your cravings for shopping in Stockholm, which is home to the biggest mall in all of Scandinavia.

Gröna Lund or Liseberg

Things To Do In Sweden In Summer 2024

You can visit the amusement parks Gröna Lund in Stockholm or Liseberg in Gothenburg, depending on where you are. There are rides here for all ages, and there numerous concerts held here in the summer. It is a fantastic thing to do if you are travelling to Sweden with kids!

Attend a party with crayfish

Make sure to join a crayfish party if you happen to visit Sweden in August. It’s just another peculiar tradition from Sweden. In addition to decorating our houses and donning ridiculous hats, we also get wasted, sing along to Schnapps tunes, and eat crawfish.

In Kreuzhavet, go seal safari and kayaking

West Sweden home to the Koster islands, where vehicles are not permitted. In this maritime national park, visitors can go kayaking, see wild seals, or just take in the beauty of the outdoors.

Go skiing

Not surprisingly, since we are located in a place where snowfall occurs throughout the entire nation, we enjoy snowboarding and skiing.

Although there some in the south of Sweden, the majority of the country ski slopes found in the upper regions. Additionally, there one in Stockholm called Hammarbybacken.

Other well-known ski areas in the north include Åre, Sälen, Hemavan, and Idre fjäll.

Things To Do In Sweden In Summer 2024

See the Sami people and travel through Lapland

Lapland often referred to as Europe’s last wilderness, and for the most part, that accurate. Finland also contains the Lapland region, which is home to the indigenous Sami people, also known as Swedes.

A ride in a snowmobile

While driving snowmobiles is not possible in every country, it is possible in Sweden during the winter. If you are ever in the northern regions, you should definitely give this enjoyable activity a try!

Ghost hunting in the Old Town of Stockholm

Should you be familiar with Swedish history, you may have come across the Stockholm blood bath in sweden.

a horrific incident that caused blood to pour into Stockholm’s Old Town streets. There numerous accounts of ghosts and other spiritual entities, and some people still believe that the area haunted. You can therefore join a ghost hunt tour if you think that sounds intriguing.

Visit a beach

Things To Do In Sweden In Summer 2024
Things To Do In Sweden In Summer 2024

Sweden has beaches? Yes, there are a good number of them here. Though smaller sand beaches and rock beaches can found elsewhere, they primarily found in the South.

A particular favourite of mine is Sandhammaren in Skåne. An amazing beach with sand and crystal-clear turquoise and blue water.

Enjoy a Valpurgis night

similar to bonfires? Then you might want to come along to our Valpurgis night, where we light a big fire and have a few drinks.

Ice hockey

Even though it regarded as a national sport, we don’t play football in the winter because of the cold. So many people will go to hockey games after the football season ends.

If you enjoy ice hockey, you are undoubtedly aware that some of the greatest players in history, including Peter Forsberg, Nicklas Lidström, and Henrik Lundqvist, are from Sweden.

View the Vasa Ship

Among the best-preserved ships ever built. Given how magnificent the ship is, it should come as no surprise that the museum is among the most popular in all of Sweden.

Ice hockey Sweden
Ice hockey Sweden

Investigate the old towns

The most well-known old towns are most likely Sigtuna, Ystad, and Stockholm’s old town. Numerous smaller communities, nevertheless, still retain their allure and distinctive identity.

You will understand exactly what I mean if you take a drive through the countryside. In addition, a lot of the larger cities have an old section where you can view buildings from various historical periods.

Eat herring and drink Snaps

Snaps and herring have deep roots in Swedish culinary customs and culture; as they say, you either love them or hate them.

Though there are many flavours, my favourites are the snaps with black currant and the herring with mustard sauce.

Investigate Canola Fields

Every year in May, Southern Sweden’s golden fields come to life, and they are breathtaking. You will see yourself in the middle of yellow everywhere when you drive around in the rural areas of the south.

Attend a music festival

Numerous music festivals take place in Sweden, and some of the biggest names in pop and EDM music are Swedish natives. It follows that our passion for music and, of course, festivals, is nothing new! One of the best summertime activities in Sweden should be attending one of the largest music festivals in June or July.

The largest festivals in Sweden are Peace and Love, Way Out West, Bråvalla, Summerburst, and Sweden Rock.

Things To Do In Sweden In Summer 2024
Music Festival

Enjoy the midsummer season

The day we celebrate the most every year. Since midsummer is the shortest month of the year, we celebrate by drinking an excessive amount of Snapples and dancing around a large pole like frogs while singing silly songs. In addition, strawberries are a traditional celebration food from Sweden. This is by far one of the most unusual summertime activities in Sweden!

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Best Cities To Visit In Sweden In Summer 2024

Sweden at a Glance

When looking for a place to travel to that offers year-round activities, Sweden is simply ideal.

You can find chances to see aurora borealis, dog sledding, snowmobiling, and forests from the stunning northern region of Swedish Lapland. Next are the unusual places to stay, like the well-known Icehotel, Tree Hotel, Arctic Bath, opulent arctic retreats, and sleeping bags made of lavvus.

West Sweden’s capital, Gothenburg, is a bustling city with opulent hotels and plenty of restaurants. You can explore the region’s breathtaking coastline by going kayaking, hiking, or taking a boat safari.

Then there is Stockholm, the capital city, which spread across fourteen islands and has a rich history in addition to boutique hotels and bridges connecting every neighbourhood.


Stockholm in sweden
Stockholm in sweden

Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, is a great place to explore all year long. There is a lot to explore in this city, which holds the title of largest smallest city in the world.

You can use it as a stopover in the winter before travelling further north to explore Swedish Lapland; this is the ideal time of year to visit the Christmas markets and go ice skating at Kungsträdgården and many other places.

As the seasons change, there are a ton of incredible hikes available, both inside and outside the city. Alternatively, you might want to check out some of the cafes and have an outdoor fika. There are a ton of world heritage sites to explore, an exhibition or event is happening all the time, and there are an amazing variety of restaurants to choose from.

Lapland, Sweden

The most well-known region of Sweden that travellers prefer to visit in the winter is undoubtedly Swedish Lapland. Here, you can experience the thrilling possibility of seeing the aurora, get lost in it wintry scenery, and stay in the most fascinating lodgings.

If spending a night in subzero temperatures sounds like your kind of thing, consider staying in the ultimate luxury at Fjellborg Arctic Lodge or, for a more family-friendly experience, at Camp Ripan, which also offers the advantages of an Aurora Spa. Kiruna is home to the renowned Icehotel.

Then there is Lulea, where you can visit the distinctive Treehotel, Arctic Bath, and Aurora Safari Camp. To witness the pack ice from the sea, you can take a snowmobile ride from Brandon Lodge out onto the icy archipelago in March! Then, there are many lodges to retreat to, like Loggers Lodge and Arctic Retreat.

Sweden in the West

Sweden in the West
Things To Do In Sweden In Summer 2024

West Sweden a true hidden gem that has to found; the fact that the majority of Scandinavians vacation here says volumes about its popularity and status as the “go to” location in Sweden in the summer and fall.

Commencing in Gothenburg, dubbed the “culinary and festival capital of Sweden,” there plenty of excellent hotels to select from, and in terms of dining options, you will spoiled for choice whether you prefer meat, shellfish, or veganism!

You can then drive or take the train from Gothenburg to explore the three provinces of Bohuslän, Dalsland, and Västergötland, which include lakes, forests, islands, and charming coastal villages! Hiking, cycling, and sea kayaking are among the activities available in these three main provinces, which have diverse landscapes.

There’s so much more to discover about nature, including endangered species education at Nordens Ark, seal viewing, and watching dancing cranes in March and April.


Things To Do In Sweden In Summer 2024?

  • A ride in a snowmobile
  • Visit a beach
  • Enjoy a Valpurgis night
  • Eat herring and drink Snaps
  • Enjoy the midsummer season
  • Attend a music festival

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