What else can ChatGPT do? Will it replace Google?

From the first day, which was considered as a replacement for a giant like Google. In just five days, it becomes necessary to talk about someone who has more than 10 lakh users.

ChatGPT, the wonder of machine learning that has created waves across the world. If you have not heard its name yet, then tell that it is a machine learning and AI based software. It has been developed by Openai.

What else can ChatGPT do 1
What else can ChatGPT d

You just have to say something and it will start doing its job. For example, you have to say that how the puncture of the bike will be made at home and the answers related to it will be in front of you. That too in detail. In very simple language. As if someone is telling you. But the story is much bigger than you know. We tell you what wonders ChatGPT can do. Please Don’t Forget to Clear Your iPhone Cache 2022

What else can ChatGPT do?

your companion in illness

We did not write Doctor because it cannot be any software. But ChatGPT can definitely help in understanding the disease and what to do next. When Roxana Daneshjou, who works in the Department of Medicine at Stanford University, asked ChatGPT some disease-related questions, the answers seemed close to reality. For example he asked,

I have a mole which is changing color and getting bigger, what should I do?

ChatGP replied in detail and said, if this is happening then you should see a doctor. It can also be Melanoma (a type of skin cancer). It should be investigated properly. The good thing is that no medicine or treatment was advised. Answers to questions related to corona to chest pain were also received in a manner.Google slices Research and development projects as Pichai to make organization 20% more proficient

‘Ok Google’ and ‘Hey Siri’ holiday

Voice assistant of both these smartphones. Although they are very useful, but when the world is running on WhatsApp, then how great it would be if everyone could be found there. Message ChatGPT with your WhatsApp and see the wonder. When a user named Daniel Gross asked how to fix a broken bike chain, a simple step-by-step guide came up. You will see in the video. Anyway, voice assistants are still used by only a few people. What to say about WhatsApp there. Vegetables and vegetables are also available there, so it is really fun to use the software with it.

it costs a lot

Now you and I should be experts in every language, we should have knowledge of all the subjects, it is not possible. But for ChatGPT it is a left handed game. What would have happened when a user named Rakshit, who didn’t know a shred of programming (computer coding), asked it to make a Twitter bot (self-replying) software?

You can guess. How to create Twitter’s developer account, how will API be. He drew the blueprint of everything. Think, how much it will be useful from studies to other research works. ChatGPT can handle even complex tasks like coding, debugging and creating virtual machines with ease.

obesity will decrease

After reading you might feel that now only ChatGPT will have to speak and the tension will end. You are caught wrong, because if you want to lose weight, take care of calories, then you will have to work hard. Just this man will help you. Alex Cohen, who works on technology in Carbon Health, asked some questions related to health.

Like how much energy they spend throughout the day. When asked about the metabolic rate (how many calories are spent in a day), ChatGPT came out with a math book. What to do, how much to do, how the weight will be balanced. Means everything. Alex Cohen even gave it the analogy of the best tech of the last decade.

From game development to marketing planning

When Aladdin’s lamp is in your hands, then get whatever you want done. Meaning to say, whether it is to develop a game or make a marketing plan for your business. It will also create its own library of music and movies for you. Right now it is just the beginning, but the question is worth lakhs. What will happen next?


Are Google’s Days Really Over?

It would be really hasty to say this and would also be a very absurd statement. ChatGPT is not the first artificial intelligence based software. There are many software before this, which do many amazing things. You can stand in front of Taj Mahal by putting your photo or you can also create email and your CV.

If you do not go too far, then look at Grammarly only. Your and our grammar is corrected by AI only. Google itself works on AI. From Google Translate to Lens. Apart from this, I have a personal question or rather a dilemma. After all, what is the source of any software information? Well this is not a secret. But for your information, let me tell you that 91.9% of the search comes from Google.

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