What is a Divyastra, and what were the rules of using it?

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Divyastras were of various kinds, each associated with a different deity and possessing unique powers. Here’s some notable Divyastras:

Brahmastra: Invoked for its destructive power, the Brahmastra was presided over by Lord Brahma. It was said to be capable of destroying entire worlds and was used only in dire circumstances due to its catastrophic potential.

Pashupatastra: Granted by Lord Shiva, the Pashupatastra was one of the most powerful weapons, capable of obliterating creation and vanquishing all beings.

Sudarshana Chakra: The spinning, disc-like weapon of Lord Vishnu, known for its ability to cut through anything and ensure victory.

Vajra: The thunderbolt weapon of Indra, made from the bones of sage Dadhichi, symbolizing indestructibility and might.

Gandiva: The celestial bow of Arjuna, which had the power to unleash a barrage of arrows at once.

Narayanastra: This weapon, when deployed, would unleash millions of deadly missiles, and the intensity of the barrage increased with resistance.

Brahmadanda: A defensive weapon that could absorb any attack, it was typically in the possession of sage-like figures.

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