What is ‘Monkey Branching’ in relationships and how to deal with it

Modern dating and relationships are complex, which makes navigating this landscape hard. Over the years, a term that has gained much attention and intrigued people is ‘Monkey Branching‘. The metaphorical term often refers to the act of a person to transition from one romantic relationship to the next, without any break or self-reflection in between– much like a monkey swinging from one branch to the other in a jungle.
While the term might sound amusing to some, people who deal with their partner’s ‘Monkey Branching’ acts sometimes go through immense emotional turmoil. Here we list down some signs of ‘Monkey Branching’:
1. Your partner seems to be emotionally distant all of a sudden
2. There is a lack or sudden changes in emotional intimacy in your relationship
3. Your partner is being secretive or refuse to commit to resolving your relationship issues
While these are just some signs that may indicate that your partner might be ‘Monkey Branching’, it is important to be attuned to them in order to address any potential challenges in your relationship early on.
If you look deeper, ‘Monkey Branching’ has more underlying issues than what meets the eyes. Some reasons by a person would indulge in such kind of a behaviour might be: fear of loneliness, a continuous desire for external validation, emotional voids, or an unwillingness to confront personal issues in an existing relationship.
In case your partner is ‘Monkey Branching’, here are some ways you can deal with it:

1. Firstly, remember it has nothing to do with you and it wasn’t your fault. Do not take your partner’s emotional unavailability personally.
2. Before reacting to your partner’s monkey branching behaviour, take some time for self-reflection. Assess your own needs, desires, and boundaries in the relationship. Understanding your emotional state and yourself better will empower you to make informed decisions about your future (with or without them).
3. Clear, open, and honest communication is important when facing monkey branching. Have a candid conversation with your partner about their feelings and intentions; express your own emotions and concerns too. This can help clarify the situation and give insights into any potential resolutions.
4. Set clear boundaries with your partner to protect your emotional well-being in the relationship. If your partner is in the process of monkey branching, communicate the importance of maintaining respect and honesty throughout the transition. Setting boundaries will create a space for mutual understanding and minimize potential harm.
5. Dealing with a situation where your partner is monkey branching can be emotionally challenging. Reach out to trusted friends, family, or a therapist for support and guidance.
6. Regardless of the outcome, prioritise your self-care during this difficult phase in your life. Meditate, journal, pursue your hobbies, or spending time with your loved ones to clear your mind off the emotional upheaval in your life.

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