Why Bangladesh Premier League Is Not In The Race To Be Among The Top Leagues?

BPL vs other T20 leagueBPL vs other T20 league

Once claimed as the top T20 league globally, the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) finds itself distant from the top T20 league race. The 10th edition of BPL is scheduled to start on January 19 and go until March 1.

Even after 10 years of its existence, the BPL is set to face competition from various other franchise-based T20 tournaments, including ILT20 in the UAE, SA20 in South Africa, BBL in Australia, and PSL in Pakistan. 

Despite launching earlier than some of these tournaments, BPL has struggled to secure a unique position in the cricketing landscape. 

Check what are the key reasons behind the BPL’s inability to join the race for supremacy T20 league cricket.

Lack of Professionalism in BPL:

The main obstacle to the BPL’s success has been the persistent lack of professionalism within the league. Both the governing council and the franchises share culpability in failing to establish a sturdy professional framework. 

The absence of a robust structure has allowed unprofessional behavior, financial disputes, and controversies to mar the league’s image. 

Shockingly, the governing council’s failure to engage in meaningful discussions with BPL franchises over the past year has underscored a palpable lack of collaboration. 

Instances of franchises facing financial issues and even a franchise owner being confined due to unpaid dues have cast a shadow on the league’s credibility. 

Despite leadership changes, a lingering trust deficit between franchises and the governing council persists, hindering the league’s growth.

Schedule clashes with other top-tier T20 leagues:

The BPL 2024 faces a major challenge in scheduling clashes with other prominent T20 leagues. 

From January 19 to March 1, the BPL overlaps with tournaments such as ILT20 in the UAE, SA20 in South Africa, BBL in Australia, Super Smash in New Zealand, and PSL in Pakistan. 

This scheduling dilemma not only dilutes the focus on the BPL but also complicates matters for franchises heavily reliant on Pakistani players, given the overlap with the PSL. 

Additionally, the absence of home and away games for franchises impedes the development of a robust fan base, a crucial factor in the success of top-tier T20 leagues.

BPL’s lack in attracting fans: 

The establishment of a strong franchise identity and a dedicated fan base is a hallmark of successful T20 leagues. 

However, the BPL has struggled to achieve this due to the absence of a home and away fixture system. 

Unlike other leagues where franchises build identities around iconic players, BPL teams have failed to create a squad with distinct player associations. 

This lack of attachment and loyalty among fans has been a significant obstacle in the league’s quest to distinguish itself globally.

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