Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3 Cast, Characters & Actors (Photos)

Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3 brings back José Coronado as the retired war hero Tirso whose mission is to clean up his neighborhood from drug addicts and dangerous criminals.

Created by David Bermejo, the Spanish drama from Netflix continues the story of Tirso as he goes all out in protecting his family from the dangers of illegal drugs while also dealing with personal problems inside the four corners of his home.

Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3 premiered on Netflix on February 23.

Every Main Cast Member of Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3

José Coronado – Tirso Abantos

José Coronado as Tirso
José Coronado

José Coronado is back to lead the cast of Wrong Side of the Tracks in Season 3 as Tirso Abantos. 

As a retired war veteran Tirso thought that his time with violence was over. However, the bad decision made by his granddaughter forced him back into the world of crime to deal with unruly criminals from his neighborhood. 

In Season 3, Tirso continues to grapple with the ramifications of his decision to save his granddaughter from harm and the unexpected arrival of his ex-wife, Maricarmen. 

Coronado is a veteran Spanish actor known for his roles in The Body, The Vault, and Periodistas

Luis Zahera – Ezequiel Fandino

Luis Zahera as Ezequiel
Luis Zahera

While he started as a corrupt cop, Luis Zahera’s Ezequiel Fandino became an invaluable ally to Tirso Abantos in Wrong Side of the Tracks. 

After being fatally shot by Salgado’s assassin in Season 2, Ezequiel is back, but he is going under the radar to prevent Nata’s gang from pursuing him. 

However, the return of a woman he saved named Dulce puts an interesting twist on his journey since she wants to take out Nata and take over the gang for herself. 

Zahera’s notable credits include Cell 211, The Beasts, and The Candidate

Nona Sobo – Irene Sanchez Abantos

Nona Sobo as Irene
Nona Sobo

Irene Sanchez Abantos (played by Nona Sobo) is Tirso’s adopted granddaughter who was entangled in the world of dangerous drugs at the start of the series. 

Irene has had her fair share of challenges. Most notably in Season 1, the character was sexually assaulted by a member of the drug cartel, which led to the reveal of her pregnancy in the show’s sophomore run. 

After deciding to keep the baby and learning that Salgado was the main suspect in her assault, Irene’s story continues in Season 3 as she embraces a new beginning with her newborn son. 

Sobo’s other major acting credit is playing Som in Welcome to Eden

Felipe Londoño – Nelson Gutierrez

Felipe Londoño as Nelson Gutierrez
Felipe Londoño

Felipe Londoño plays Nelson Gutierrez, Irene’s boyfriend who introduced her to the world of drugs and crime. 

Nelson played a pivotal role in helping Irene move on from her traumatic past while also doing his best to accept her pregnancy. 

However, after messing with the wrong drug cartel in previous seasons, Nelson’s actions came back to haunt him in a gruesome way in Season 3. 

Londoño previously appeared as Wilson Muñoz in Golden Dreams. The actor also has credits in Fake Profile and El Inquisidor

Laura Ramos – Gladys

Laura Ramos as Gladys
Laura Ramos

Laura Ramos stars as Gladys, Nelson’s mother who became a victim of human traffickers but eventually escaped. The character is also Tirso’s romantic interest. 

While Gladys and Tirso have their romance going, Maricarmen’s return is expected to add a wrnkle to their love story in Season 3. 

This is on top of grappling with the dangerous choices made by her son, Nelson, as she continues to be pursued by the drug cartel that he messed with. 

Ramos has credits in Los Farad, El General Naranjo, and Tarde lo conoci

Manolo Caro – Sanchis

Manolo Caro as Sanchis
Manolo Caro

Manolo Caro reprises his role as Sanchis in Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3. 

Sanchis is one of Tirso’s loyal allies and a former soldier-turned-drug-addict who becomes his asset during crucial investigations. 

Caro has over 100 credits to his name, with appearances in Feria: The Darkest Light, Los Artistas: Primeros Trazos, and Bandoleros.

Manuel Tallafé – Pepe

Manuel Tallafé as Pepe
Manuel Tallafé

Another one of Tirso’s allies who returns in Season 3 is Manuel Tallafé as Pepe. 

Pepe is a proud restaurant owner whom Tirso usually visits during his downtime. 

Tallafé is known for his roles in The Last Circus, 30 Coins, and Just Before Christ.

Itziar Atienza – Amanda Martos

Itziar Atienza as Amanda
Itziar Atienza

Amanda Martos (played by Itziar Atienza) is a veteran police inspector working closely with Ezequiel and Tirso during her investigation of the illegal drug cartel that emerged in their neighborhood. 

Amanda notably clashed with drug lord Salgado in Season 2. Seeking revenge for the death of her father, Amanda killed Salgado in cold blood, which led to her arrest. 

In Season 3, Amanda spent a good amount of time in jail, but she was eventually released which led to her wedding with her beloved Jimena. 

Atienza previously appeared in Plan de Fuga, Smoke & Mirrors, and Spanish Affair.

Maria de Nati – Nata

Maria de Nati as Nata
Maria de Nati

Maria de Nati’s Nata is Nelson’s former friend who found a way to become the new drug gang leader in Season 2. 

While she was in love with Nelson, learning about Irene’s pregnancy forced her to let go of her feelings toward her. 

In Season 3, Nata is still in pursuit of Ezequiel after learning that he is a police informant. 

The actress’ notable credits include May God Save Us, The Good Boss, and The Candidate.

Natalia Dicenta – Maricarmen

Natalia Dicenta as Maricarmen
Natalia Dicenta

Natalia Dicenta joins the cast of Season 3 as Maricarmen (aka Maica), Tirso’s ex-wife and Jimena’s mother who wishes to reconcile with them after all these years. 

Maica introduces her foundation as a beacon of hope in the new season, but as expected, things go from bad to worse after Nata’s gang attempts to ruin the party. 

Dicenta has credits in The Nun, The Dancer Upstairs, and The Boarding School: Las Cumbres.

Michelle Calvo – Dulce

Michelle Calvo as Dulce
Michelle Calvo

Michelle Calvo is part of Season 3’s cast as Dulce, Ezequiel’s godchild who has a secret agenda of trying to take over Nata’s gang for her self-interest. 

Calvo is best known for her role as Sonia Ledesma in Desaparecidos. The actress also appeared in The Misfits Club and Los Nuestros.

Maria Molins – Jimena

Maria Molins as Jimena
Maria Molins

Jimena is Tirso’s daughter and Amanda’s girlfriend in Wrong Side of the Tracks. The character is played on-screen by Maria Molins. 

Jimena was heartbroken by the fact that Amanda was imprisoned at the end of Season 2. Thankfully, though, Amanda was freed, which instantly resumed their relationship. 

Molins’ notable credits include Son of Cain, Serve and Protect, and Hospital Valle Norte.

All episodes of Wrong Side of the Tracks Season 3 are streaming on Netflix.

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